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Chevy Chase Got In A Fight With A Young Driver Who Had To Look Up Who He Was

As reported by Page Six, veteran actor and comedian Chevy Chase was involved in an incident on the Interstate 87 in New York. What's craziest is that the story appears to have two conflicting versions depending on who you ask.

Michael Landrio and Chevy ChasePage Six

According to Chase, he was headed north when another vehicle cut him off and made him concerned that they might have collided. After seeing that they hadn't, he gave chase and flashed his lights at the driver, who he wanted to speak to about "his reckless driving."

Allegedly, one of the passengers cursed at Chase, who replied with “If I were a lot younger I’d bust your nose!” before being kicked to the ground by the aforementioned passenger.

Seems like a pretty open and shut case, right? Well, the other motorist had a very different, much more detailed recounting of the events, one which definitely doesn't paint Chase in as positive a light as his own does...

The driver was Michael Landrio, 22, a UPS worker from East Patchogue, and he definitely remembers the incident a bit differently. Speaking to The Post, he explained that he and his girlfriend and another couple were headed north to go snowmobiling, when a blue Mercedes flashed its lights at them and pulled next to them.

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“We were in the right lane and as we came up to the bridge we went to the middle lane,” he said in his parents’ home in Suffolk County. “It was an old guy yelling – something we couldn’t hear – super pissed-off. … We just tried to get the heck away from him. He followed us the whole length of the bridge, driving crazy.”

The driver apparently followed them while weaving in and out of traffic until they pulled over. “My friend opened his window and just said, ‘I apologize, we were just trying to go upstate,’” he said, adding that the Mercedes blocked their vehicle.

“You know who the f— I am?” Landrio said Chase screamed. “Then he started cursing at me for no reason and said, ‘I am going to ruin your lives!’ I said, ‘F— you!’

Then he yanks open their car door and yells, ‘I’m going to punch you in the nose’ and he came after me and had his hands in my face,” he continued. “I said, ‘Get the f— away from me!’”

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Landrio said Chase threw a punch that missed, and that he then kicked Chase, sending him flying out of the car, into his Mercedes and onto the ground.

“I closed my car door and locked it but he was still trying to get in at me when a nurse and an off-duty cop escorted him away,” Landrio said.

“I didn’t know who he was — I was just trying to defend myself. He was physically trying to harm me,” he said, adding that the cop told him his attacker was none other than Chevy Chase.

“I looked him up on Google and I still didn’t know who he was,” said Landrio. “He didn’t look like he looked when he made his movies.”

It's worth noting that Chase has a documented history of having a short temper and a foul mouth, making Landrio's version of the events entirely believable.

What do you think? Who was in the wrong here?

Source: Page Six