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10 Mascots From Your Childhood You Haven't Thought About In Years

It seems like every product, store and restaurant needed to have some kind of mascot to try and make kids love it more. Kids held a lot of power over the shopping choices apparently, because it seemed like everything was targeted to them.

Whether it was a big box store's attempt at relevance, or a frozen food company just trying to convince kids they will love their food, companies did everything in their power to convince us that it was a great idea.

How many of these mascots do you remember? To be fair, many of them are still around, but we just don't notice them as much anymore.

1. Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys 'R' Us

Toys R Us

This big ol' giraffe was all over our favorite place when we were young. Honestly, at the time I don't think I knew his name was Geoffrey but at least I know now!

2. Hamburger Helper Glove

Nothing makes more sense than a glove wearing a hat, right? Well, this guy still appears on every box of Hamburger Helper, but we remember him making pasta seem like the most exciting food in the world.

3. The Jolly Green Giant

All you need to remember is the loud and wonderful "HO, HO, HO, GREEN GIANT!"

4. Zeddy from  Zellers

The big bear named Zeddy was a huge component of the store. At our local Zellers you could even get a burger shaped like a bear face. They were delicious!

5. Fresh-Up Freddie from 7Up

The soda brand had this little bird as their mascot back before they switched over to the more basic dot.

There are more mascots that you forgot about...

6. Sugar Crisp Bear

He's probably still on the cereal box now, but it's been a while since I noticed him starring in a commercial. He had a great singing voice!

7. Peter Panda from Children's Place

A panda on roller skates is literally the best mascot you could ask for.

8. Kraft bear

I know their pictures are still on the jar, but I miss when they were shaped like bears! Although it did mean a lot of peanut butter would get stuck in those extra ridges.

9. Captain Highliner

Who else got tricked into eating fish sticks because they thought Captain Highliner was cool? Just me.... Okay then...

10. Smokey Bear

He's not specific to our childhood, he's one of those characters that were around for everyone's childhoods. He was first seen in 1943 and yet people still remember him! That's a pretty impressive legacy.