Could A Human Actually Survive One Of Kevin's Traps From Home Alone?

The classic Christmas film Home Alone raises some very important questions. Most importantly: Are the Wet Bandits immortal? How could anyone survive those horrible traps? Could a normal human survive those crazy events?

Kevin McCalister is a bit crazy. Even though there are people breaking into his house, the traps that he sets up are a bit excessive. Youtuber Vsauce3 decided to take on some of the more notable traps to see how they would actually impact a human body. We all know that you have to suspend disbelief for movies, but sometimes it is interesting to get the reasoning behind why everything says "DO NOT TRY AT HOME".


He takes on the hot door handle, the paint can on the staircase, and then the crowbar to the chest. He is able to show exactly what the effects on the body would be using a ballistics dummy that accurately represents a human.

So check it out! Do you think you could survive Kevin's traps? The answer is a pretty obvious no!