Couple Nails Dirty Dancing Inspired Routine At Their Wedding

Weddings are fun, but it you've been to one you've pretty much been to them all. There are speeches, the first dance, the couple cuts the cake, and you regret picking the fish entree - then it's time to go home.

That's why Lindsay Pergola and Richi Guarini of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey decided to shake things up with a serious injection of 80s cool.

When the couple hit the dance floor for their first dance, the fog machine was turned up and the stereo was blasting "Time Of My Life." Yes, that's right, they were reenacting the final dance scene from the hit movie Dirty Dancing.

Just like the movie, the couple wowed their families in the audience, who had no idea what they were planning.

Lindsay is a dancer instructor, so she picked up the moves easily, but this was Richie's first performance - although you can't tell from his perfect Swayze imitation.

The couple practiced a few times a week for the past month, and all that hard work paid off when they pulled off that show-stopping lift straight out of the movie.

We've included a video of the movie's famous dance scene so you can see for yourself how close they were to the original, but go easy on these newlyweds. Because let's be honest, nobody can match Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

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