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Delia's Is Back With A Brand New Collection And It'll Take You Right Back To The 90s

Instagram - dELiA*s

If you had to pick one clothing company that could accurately describe the ideal 90s style, chances are you'd pick dELiA*s.

Sure, the name is a pain to type, but it's the one brand of clothing that every cool girl wanted to own.

The catalogs would arrive in the mail, and we'd spend days curating our ideal orders, while our moms would look over our shoulder and say "No, no, not that, you can only pick one" and so on and so forth until we finally narrowed down our choices to one simple sweater.

Even if we never purchased a single item from the dELiA*s catalog, we still used the stacks of the catalogs. Mostly so we could cut out the pictures to make a sort of aspirational look book, basically making a Pinterest board before Pinterest existed.

The brand faded out, leaving us dreaming of wide-leg jeans and rainbow belts for years, but now, in some kind of miraculous event, the company is coming back.

That's right, dELiA*s is being revived thanks to Dolls Kill. The company has decided to bring back the 90s icon and recreate some classic 90s styles with a collection that embraces the unnecessary capitalization of letters.

They are calling it dELiA*s by doLLs KiLL collection, because they want to make everything difficult, but anyways back to the point. The clothes are definitely 90s-inspired, and there is A LOT of choice with 70 limited edition items ranging from clothing to accessories, and even some chunky platform shoes (because of course there is).

dELiA*s was first launched in 1993, but it has gone through a lot of changes and sales over the years. In 2015 they tried to bring it back as an online retailer but it just didn't have the same appeal. But given that we are in the full 90s-style resurgence, it makes sense that it's back.

I think the best part of this relaunch is that not only do the clothes look remarkably like something you would have seen in the good ol' days, they once again have nonsensical phrases written in alternating cases that have nothing to do with anything.

"mOre nEcEsSarY tHaN AiR, mOrE eLeMenTaL tHaN h20."

They've got tattoo necklaces, wallet chains, wide-leg jeans, big combat boots, blue-tinted sunglasses, and a shiny rainbow skirt to chose between, as well as a whole bunch of other options.

It's almost shocking how much these items transport you back into the 90s, and while I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that the clothes I used to think were so fashion-forward are now considered "retro," I guess I can appreciate the return of these classics.

You can shop the whole collection here, and if you happen to buy anything, send us some pictures because we'd love to see how your 90s style translates into the year 2018!

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Did you used to get the dELiA*s catalog when you were young?