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Fashion Experts Are Trying To Trick Us Into Wearing Flared Jeans Again And We Aren't Having It

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Listen, I know fashion is cyclical. I know that things are going to go in and out of style, but here's the thing, not everything should.

Fashion is also highly subjective. We all have our own opinions, but when the fashion magazines start telling us "this is what is in style" we all second guess our choices.

Now, these experts are telling us to dust off our old flared jeans and honestly, I don't understand why.

I know that flared jeans were huge in the disco-era, and I know this because when they came back in the late 90s and early 2000s, my mother was REALLY excited about it. But let's think about these logically.

Wearing these big baggy-below-the-knees pants can look really cool. I'll admit it. Some people can really pull it off, but those are the exceptions, not the rule.

GQ Magazine wrote the article, perhaps as a warning, revealing that fashion designer Demma Gvasalia included "boot-cut jeans" in their "spring 2019" lookbook, but the image they chose is absolutely more of a flared style, not just a boot-cut. And well, I am not falling for their trap.

Seeing those pants flare out at the knee into this large bell, only to bunch up at the foot is something a lot of us thought we could avoid for the rest of our lives. Maybe I am biased because as a shorter person, boot-cut and wide-legged pants were nothing more than a tripping hazard, but can we really pretend like this is the ideal style?

Like I said, obviously there are the select few who can pull it off. Usually they are the confident ones, the ones who could literally wear a plastic bag and make it fashionable.

It feels like a weird swing in style, because most pants now fall into the straight-leg or skinny-leg style, so bringing back that flare is a little bit shocking.

Maybe I am being over-dramatic (okay, I know I am) but I guess I don't understand fashion.

Also, it's not like these pants ever actually disappeared. I know for a fact that most companies have been selling jeans with a slight flare or boot-cut style ever since their popularity surge in the 2000s, but to have it come back as the "it" style managed to catch a lot of us off-guard.

Seriously, I'm not the only one who is less-than-okay with this revival.

The part that a lot of people agree on is that the photo GQ uses to claim that these pants are making a comeback is not considered boot-cut. They are really, really wide and could even be considered bell-bottoms.

So, maybe these people are right. Maybe boot-cut jeans aren't that bad, GQ just used a really bad picture of them.

Source - GQ / Mashable

What do you think? Are you into the idea of flared/boot-cut jeans coming back?