Did You Know That Keith Richards Was Young Once?

Keith Richards is turning 72 on December 18th, but it feels like he has lived 1000 lives. That guy has done just about everything.

As one of the members of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards has done a lot of crazy things, and people like to make jokes that he is perhaps a little bit invisible.

It seems like it's easy to forget that Keith Richards used to be young! Crazy I know, but it's true! Here are 13 pictures to prove that he really was young at one point.

1. Look at that haircut!

2. Look how clean cut he looks! Almost looks like he should be in The Beatles!

3. Always has such stylish hats

4. He's just as surprised as you are that he once looked like this!

5. He is a huge fan of accessories

6. Is there rhinestones on that jacket?

7. How is this the same guy?

8. Shiny shirts were very in style

9. He is in complete shock that he would one day become a meme.

10. He is just THE rock star

11. He must have so many stories

12. You can see his rock star ways start to take their toll on him.

13. But I don't think he regrets it AT ALL!

Happy Birthday Keith Richards! Never change!