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Discovery Zone Was The Best Place For A 90s Birthday Party And Here's Why

Your birthday was basically the most important holiday of the year when you were a kid. Sure, Christmas was great, Easter was fun, and Thanksgiving had great food and all, but all of those days were focused on everyone else.

On your birthday, people gave you the choice of what you want to do. You get to pick the place, you get to pick the food, and you get to pick the theme.

There are of course a lot of options when it comes to birthday party locations. People would sometimes go to the movies, go bowling, or have a pool party, but none of those places were the best choice.

Discovery Zone was the only birthday party location that matters. If you got invited to a birthday party that said that you needed to meet them at Discovery Zone you would move heaven and earth to make sure your parents let you go.

It was the best place in the world to us, and even if we had to beg every one of our friends to ask their moms to pick us up, we knew we had to be there.

When I say it was the best place, I truly mean it. There was everything and anything a kid could ever want!

They had food, more importantly DZ Diner, which had everything a kid needed.

It had a big ol' ball pit, which we could spend hours swimming around.

Seriously, it was intense

There were ropes to climb and obstacles to make your way through.

And of course there were the tunnels.

Dozens of tunnels all interconnected like a giant hamster cage that even though they should have made us feel trapped, we never felt so free. We were tucked away from the adult's prying eyes, free to crawl around like the goofballs we really were.

You could have a secret conversation in a small corridor with your best friend, you could hide from that one kid who always makes fun of your hair, and you could spend hours getting lost in those crazy pathways.

There was also the birthday area that seemed to always be stocked with fruit punch that tasted like a sugar high.

No matter what your favorite part of Discovery Zone was, I think we can all agree it was the best birthday option out there and we all miss it terribly.

If you were never lucky enough to go to Discovery Zone I am very sorry for your loss, but at least you probably got to eat all these amazing snacks anyways!

There were a lot of excellent options to have your birthday party at. Even though Discovery Zone was the best, there were still some others that we all loved.