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5 Questions We All Have About Disney Movies That Still Keep Us Up At Night


Listen, I know suspension of disbelief is important, especially with cartoons. But here's the thing, sometimes these moments leave you with big enough questions that distract you from the rest of the movie.

Obviously all these movies are amazing no matter what, but these silly little things make us wonder even after all these years.

Whether it's a weird continuity problem or just a logistical error, these little moments just raise a lot of questions and we want answers!

1. Ariel, please can't you just write a letter?

The Litter Mermaid
Walt Disney

Ariel, she took your voice, not your brain. You value your voice, obviously, it's a great voice, but you have other skills. And no, I don't mean body language.

I know you think you're in love with him, but you're sixteen and you've literally never had a conversation with him.

I think that's the one thing that changes when you watch The Little Mermaid as an adult versus as a kid.

When I was young I thought that it was perfectly fine for a sixteen-year-old girl to fall head over heels at the first sight of that impressively-eyebrowed gentleman, but now...

As an adult, the moment when she says "I'm not a child" just makes me laugh.

But here's the thing, she gives up everything for a chance to go make out with this very handsome fella. She literally gives up her voice for a set of legs.

When she arrives on land and finds Eric, she doesn't even try to write her name in the sand, or just grab a piece of paper when they get back to his castle.

Hey Ariel, we know you can write. We have literal proof.

the Little Mermaid
Walt Disney

We watched you sign a contract with beautiful penmanship and flourishes.

The Little Mermaid
Walt Disney

Is it because you aren't signing with a fish skeleton? Because I'm sure the very wealthy Prince Eric has a lot of good writing implements that will work.

I know it'll be really hard to explain that you're a mermaid who traded her voice for legs, but apparently he still wanted to help you when you turned into a mermaid in the middle of his wedding, so give him some credit.

Hey Eric, you're not in the clear either. How did you fall in love with a voice? If you enjoy the sound of a voice, you listen to it, you don't marry it.

Don't just marry the closest person who sounds nice, actually take a second to get to know them.

This movie has a lot things in it that make no sense, but it honestly doesn't matter, I still love it anyways. It's got some of the best Disney songs ever.

2. Hey Belle, do you even lift?

Belle, I love you but you're whole story is a mess.

There's of course the heated debates surrounding all the characters accents. There is only one french character and he is a candlestick.

But that's really not my main issue with this wonderful classic that I do love so very much, I promise.

In the movie, Beast is keeping Belle as a prisoner, and at first he's all "let's keep her in the dungeon" and then literally twenty minutes later his servants are like "ooo, no I hate that," so she gets her own room.

Beauty and the Beast
Walt Disney

Then when she doesn't want to go to dinner with the man who literally kidnapped her dad, then traded his life for hers, and is now holding her hostage he gets so upset. Hey bud, that's not how you make friends.

But then one day she makes him angry and he yells at her, but when she tries to leave she is attacked by wolves. Luckily he is able to swoop in and save her, but not without getting very badly hurt.

Beauty and the Beast
Walt Disney

The question I have is how did she get him on that horse?

He must weigh three times what she does, and yet she's got him lifted up on the back of her trusty horse Philip.

Side note, how can that horse carry him? He's almost the same size as him.

In the recent live action movie, we hear Belle saying "you have to help me" so maybe Disney has realized how crazy it looked to have Belle lift him up without help.

Beauty and the Beast
Walt Disney

One more issue with Beauty and the Beast, when he transforms back into Prince Adam at the end, why does it take Belle so long to recognize him?

You literally watched him lift off the ground and sparkle while he spun around and turned into a human. I understand that you might be in shock, but it's not like he could possibly be anyone else.

Even though they left a lot of things unanswered, I will always love this classic.

3. Do you own a razor, Tarzan?

Tarzan was left on his own in the jungle and had to be raised by animals. This premise is kind of crazy enough, but whatever, that's not the issue.

How old is Tarzan? Because he looks like he's old enough to have hit puberty, but there is no hair on his face, chest, or legs.

Walt Disney

Does he have a personal barber? Did he find a razor? Or is he just mostly hairless?

Another thing about Tarzan, he was taught English by Jane, who is British. When he starts speaking himself, he has an American accent.

Walt Disney

If he's never heard an American speak before, how can they justify an American accent?

Still a pretty good movie despite these weird slip-ups.

4. Cinderella, what's up with your feet?

In the movie, Cinderella is gifted a pair of custom made glass slippers. Sure, they are tailor made to her foot to be the perfect addition to the dress, but I have some issues.

First of all, her dress is so big you cannot see the shoes. Why would you bother being uncomfortable in glass slippers? That must hurt so much, and imagine the sweat situation? Gross.

Walt Disney

Second of all, her shoe comes off before midnight, that's fine, but everything was supposed to disappear by 12:00 am sharp, wasn't it, Fairy God Mother?

Was she watching the party and decided that it could stay because it would help her find true love, or would it only disappear if it was close to her?

The thing is, the prince should have been able to remember the face of the woman that he claimed he was in love with. He shouldn't have needed to try the shoes on everyone.

Walt Disney

But even if he couldn't remember her face, how in the world is it possible that literally no one has the same size of feet as Cinderella?

I get that her step-sisters had big feet, but what about all the rest of the townspeople? Not a single one of them has small feet? Or is there some weird bunion situation that made the shoes have a bizarre shape to them?

5. Jafar, Jafar, he's our man, if he can't do it...why not?

Jafar is one of the most creepy villains in Disney history. His goal is to marry the very young Jasmine because he wants to be in control, but there have got to be easier ways, right?

If he really wanted control, wouldn't his position as the "Royal Vizier", aka second in command, have been enough?

Walt Disney

He should have had a fair amount of influence, and I feel like marrying the Sultan's daughter doesn't make sense.

It's a little dark, but if he had hired someone to kill the Sultan wouldn't he then have been next in line because Jasmine was too young?

I mean, I don't want that to happen, I love the Sultan, but it's true right?

Walt Disney

Okay, even if he wanted to go a different route, he could have just tried to hypnotize Jasmine? Or was it because she was true strong of will that it wouldn't work? What about Aladdin? He didn't even try!

And listen, Jafar isn't the only one who is displaying some questionable judgement.

First of all, Aladdin, how did you not recognize the princess when she was wearing a hood vs. when she took it off. The only thing hidden is her headband.

Aladdin - Jasmine
Walt Disney

I get that it's not like there was social media or anything, but you'd think people would have an idea of what their princess looked like.

And Jasmine, you literally saw him approximately two days ago, how can you forget what he looked like? I know you figured it out, but there shouldn't have even been a question.

Last but not least, is the Genie a time traveler? How does he know all of these modern references? I know it's because of Robin Williams, but just let me have this okay?

Aladdin and Genie
Walt Disney

A lot of Disney movies ask us to just turn off our brains and enjoy the show, and for the most part we do. It's just that sometimes these little things stick out and we can't help but wonder.

Have any of these moments ever caught your attention? Or are there others in different movies that distract you?

Disney movies have been a staple in our lives, no matter how ridiculous the premise. Sometimes it's just the songs you love, and it's probably because Disney is capable of making even their villains songs amazing.

Although it's a good thing that they didn't make the choices they had originally thought of, because that would have completely changed a lot of our favorites.

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