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I've Only Just Realized All Disney Princesses Are Missing A Body Part And I'm Bothered


During my childhood, there was never a moment I didn't wish I was a Disney princess. While I was partial to Belle, I felt a deep investment to all of the characters, who made me believe in happily-ever-afters.

Growing up, I had watched each movie at least a dozen times, but I never realized something was missing, particularly, a body part.

This isn't the only time the princesses have shared key attributes, as it was previously uncovered why they are predominately seen dressed in blue.

It's also interesting to note that most of their mothers have either passed away or play a nonexistent role, allowing their fathers to take a central role.

Either way, whether we could relate to their lifestyles or not, they were our role models who inspired us to be our best selves.

So with a mass following, it's quite astounding the public has just finally realized they weren't EXACTLY like us - based by their anatomy anyway.

Since the release of Snow White in 1930 - a whopping 80 years ago - we saw ourselves as these fierce heroines, but there was only one thing differentiating ourselves from them: their lack of finger nails!

I know, shocking right? If you ever examined the hands of your favorite princess (it's perfectly reasonable if you didn't), you'd notice their hands are missing this humanizing feature.

However, if you dig a little deeper, you'll notice something else even more odd,;the villains (i.e., Maleficent, Gaston) do! While you would assume it was some case between good vs. evil (should we start pulling out our nails now?), that wasn't exactly the case.

So why are our leading ladies missing this fine detail? Well, apparently drawing on finger nails were too time consuming and expensive for the head honchos at Disney, so they were the easiest thing to get rid of.

This isn't the only way the House of Mouse has cut costs. If you ever look at our beloved Mickey's hand, you'll realize he only has four fingers instead of five!

Did you know Disney princesses were drawn without their fingernails?

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