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'Double Dare' Is Coming Back To TV And Honestly We Can't Wait

Guess what 90s kids, your very favorite game show is coming back to TV. That's right ladies and gents, put on your splash pants, helmets and knee guards because Double Dare is coming back on TV.

The show originally started in 1986 and ran until 1993, but people have never stopped talking about it. It took over Nickelodeon and the 90s in general, because every last one of us wanted nothing more than to have a chance to play ourselves.

Double Dare

The games were iconic and the slime was legendary, and we all wished we could be a part of it. We would brush up on our trivia knowledge by playing Trivial Pursuit in hopes that we would gain some edge, but even if you were good at trivia, you also had to be able to master those messy challenges.

'Double Dare' is coming back!

Double Dare

Well, after being off the air for so long, Nickelodeon's iconic game show is coming back. The network has signed off on 40 new episodes of the show to be made to air over the summer.

They claim that it will "feature appearances from blasts from the past, longtime Double Dare fans, and stars from today" all of which will be announced at a later date.

How will they cast it?

Double Dare

The original host of the show Marc Summers has always been very proud of the game show they had made. He spoke about how the casting process made Double Dare better than all the other kid's game shows out there. Hopefully they continue the method that Summers explained before.

"The thing that made us distinctive, over anything that was on the Disney Channel, was we used real kids. We didn't have the blonde-haired, blue-eyed perfect child. Our kids had acne, and their hair was messed up. And I think the kids at home related more to the people that we had on our show than anything that was currently running on Disney at that time."

Who is going to host the new season?

So far we don't know who the host of the new version is going to be, but apparently it's not Summers. Although personally, I don't know how they could do it without him! It wouldn't be the same.

Double Dare Host Marc Summers

Summers hosted the show the entire original run. He wasn't the host for the failed reboot in 2000, but let's pretend that one never happened.

He did have to deal with some things while on the show, including his struggle with OCD, which people always assume means that he must have hated working in such a messy environment, but he has a different take.

Double Dare Marc Summers

"So people say to me all the time, "Well you must have hated it." I didn't. You know, think about it. I've been around in LA for about 13 years, it was my first real job on television. So I was happy as hell to have it. And so the slime didn't bother me in any way, shape, or form.

Now, after the show, did I want to get showered and get that stuff off me? Absolutely."

However, before the reboot was announced he had been asked if given the chance would he do it again, and he replied "why not?"

Slime facts

Slime Double Dare

Summers recently released a documentary about his life, including his time on Double Dare, and while he may not be involved in the reboot it's still interesting to know that the reasons behind the slime's ingredients.

Summers revealed "It started off as vanilla pudding, apple sauce, green food coloring, and a little oatmeal. And that was our slime. The consistency of that was far better than the stuff that I see today. I don't know what it is."

The reason behind the edible ingredients was a safety measure put in place by the insurance.

"The insurance company made us guarantee if any of this got in the kids’ mouths it was edible," he explained. "And it tasted good, and it smelled great."

As for the new episodes of Double Dare, so far we know that they will be airing over the summer, which is perfect for all those kids who are off school, but you know you are going to want to watch it too. We'll just have to record it and watch it when we get home I guess!

Will you be tuning into the new season of Double Dare? Let us know in the comments which challenge was your favorite.

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