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"Everything Sucks!" According To Upcoming Netflix Series About The 90s

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Over the past few years, Netflix has been producing a surprising number of original shows focusing on the pop culture of decades past, and the results have been pretty fantastic.


Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, despite being a throwback to a movie from 2001, took us back to the camp movies of the 80s we still love.


Stranger Things is a throwback to the Spielberg and Landis "family" movies of the late 80s and early 90s, complete with too-scary-for-children imagery and plenty of great performances from child actors. It's even getting a second season!


Most recently, GLOW looks at the world of the women's professional wrestling circuit from the 1980s, to hilarious and dramatic effect.


Suffice to say, shows about the 80s have been doing pretty well for the network. But, I'm sure plenty of us who grew up in the 90s have been asking the same question: when do we get a show about OUR pop culture?

Well folks, looks like they've finally decided to do it! And soon at that.

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According to Deadline, Netflix has ordered a season of a new show called Everything Sucks! which is described as "quirky, funny coming-of-age story that follows two groups of high school misfits, an A/V club and a drama club who collide in 1996 Oregon."

Peyton Kennedy and Jahi Winston are set to appear in the showGetty Images

The series promises to focus on 90s nostalgia, with executive producers Ben York Jones (Like Crazy) and Michael Mohan (Save the Date) stating that "We think this is a great time to take a look back at high school and relive the fashion, music, and attitudes of the mid-’90’s the way we remember it. Not sensationalized, not watered down; but desperate, heartfelt, awkward, and exciting.”


The 10 episode season is due to premiere in 2018, and we couldn't be more excited. With a title like Everything Sucks!, you have to wonder what trends of the 90s they'll be making fun of with this show.


Maybe we'll see some giant JNCO jeans in the series.


Or maybe some golf visors. Y'know, for when you weren't playing golf.


Definitely need some hypercolor shirts in there too.

Everything Sucks! is due to premiere in 2018.

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