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They Were One Of The Best TV Families Ever, But Where Is The Cast Of Family Ties Now?

Long before NBC took over the networks with their sitcom schedule in the 90s, a little show called Family Ties came around. It was a unique look at two liberal parents who were raising their kids, one of whom was a Ronald Regan-loving republican named Alex.

Obviously we all know that Alex P. Keaton was played by the magnificent Michael J. Fox, but what ever happened to the rest of the cast?

Michael J. Fox - Alex P. Keaton

Sure, he's a household name, but what is he actually up to lately? He went on to star in the Back to the Future movies, he starred in Spin City and by 2013 he had his own show called The Michael J. Fox Show. He came forward with his Parkinson's Disease diagnosis many years ago but it hasn't slowed him down at all. Most recently he has been on The Good Wife all while raising thousands of dollars for Parkinson's research.

Michael Gross - Steven Keaton

Gross has been working an incredible amount since Family Ties ended. He appeared in ER, The Young and the Restless, How I Met Your Mother, and Suits. His most recent project is called The Stanley Dynamic where he plays the Grandpa.

Meredith Baxter - Elyse Keaton

She was a well-established actress before joining this sitcom, having been on 60 episodes of the show Family between 1976-1980. Since completing the series she was on the shortly lived show The Faculty, two episodes of Spin City, The Young and the Restless, and more recently Finding Carter. She is doing a lot of guest spots on TV shows and several TV movies, while also filming parts in movies.

Justine Bateman - Mallory Keaton

After leaving Family Ties, Bateman went on to star in Men Behaving Badly, Easy to Assemble and Desperate Housewives. Did you know her little brother is actually Jason Bateman? That explains how she ended up with a quick part on Arrested Development back in 2006!

Tina Yothers - Jennifer Keaton

Since Family Ties wrapped in 1989, she has only had three roles in TV movies. She has instead decided to go into music and is in a band with her brother called Jaded. She has two children and is married to Robert Kaiser.

Brian Bonsall - Andy Keaton

The youngest Keaton went on to act in Star Trek: The Next Generation for a short run and some other TV movies. He retired from acting back in 1995, and now focuses on music, currently touring with the band The Ataris. He does have a bit of a criminal record including an assault charge against his girlfriend in 2007, and some drug related charges in 2010.

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