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'Felicity' Cast Reunites For The Show's 20th Anniversary, And Yes, They Discuss The Infamous Haircut

The cast of Felicity celebrated their 20th anniversary and while it feels like it was just yesterday that we were all freaking out about Keri Russell's hair, the show has been off the air for 16 years now.

A bunch of the stars joined together to reminisce about their hit show, including Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, Scott Foley, Tangi Miller, and many more were all gathered at the panel to discuss the show that made such an impact in its short run.

The show only lasted four seasons, and while a lot of people joke that it's because of the infamous haircut, it was just that the ratings weren't where they needed to be.

They did address a lot of things at the panel, including the haircut. Here are the most important things the cast and crew said about the show.

Let's start with that haircut

Felicity haircut
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People were obsessed with Felicity's hair. Everyone wanted to copy those iconic curls, and when she cut them off in a drastic and unexpected pixie cut we were all a little stunned.

It turns out the cut was a decision made by director J.J. Abrams, who saw a photo of Russell wearing a wig with short hair.

What Russell didn't expect was the backlash over a haircut.

"I was with my girlfriends at some lake and I got this phone call ... and [Abrams] said, 'Hey, we got your picture, would you really cut your hair?' And I said 'I guess.' They said it was a typically college girl's story: a guy breaks up with her and the girl cuts her hair and it's bad. I loved it. It was such a good storyline."

"I loved it. I thought that was such a good storyline. And I think the thing that was so surprising to me about the reaction ... is that Felicity was never a fashion plate anyway. ... I was wearing baggy clothes and so I didn't think everyone cared so much about the way I looked. ... It wasn't the best, but it was so good for the character it didn't matter."

Why they think the show holds up

Felicity cast
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It has been 20 years since the show started, and yet people are still fond of it. When Russell was asked why she thinks it resonates with people she said it has to do with the simplicity.

"The beauty of the show as always this really simple idea that I feel is very relatable. This romantic idea … that a lot of times when you're young of this chance to change your life completely."

"Everyone can look back on that one moment: I wish I would have chosen him or taken that chance. That's was the sweetness, beauty and the truth of the show. And that's what we got to live out through Felicity. She did, she took the risks. She jumped. That was the strength and core story of the show."

Scott Foley forgot that his character died

You'd think that your character's arc would be something that you would remember, but I guess after all these years it all starts to slip away.

When Amanda Foreman discussed the episode she expressed her admiration for the final episode.

"I thought it was a really fun thing because she was questioning if she made the right decision picking Ben — because Ben turned out to be kind of a turd — so she got to go back. I thought it was great, really clever."

But that's when Foley realized that his character had actually died.

"It all makes sense to me now. She chose Ben because I died. It wasn't a choice! She had no option!"

The cast's most memorable scene was the wedding scene

Felicity wedding
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Apparently there was a lot more going on that we didn't see, according to Foley.

What you didn't see ... is Greg getting up there and what he was saying to us was basically a love letter to the cast."

"He singled everyone out to thank them for the best four years of his life — and if you watch that scene, you can see each cast member's reaction to the nice things."

"You can see how emotional each of us is getting to what he is saying."

Originally Scott Foley was supposed to be Ben

Noel Felicity
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Foley revealed that he was originally cast to play the part of Ben.

"What a sh*tty show that would have been!"

"For a week I was doing wardrobe fittings [for Ben] … they were having a hard time casting Noel and they liked [Speedman] better as Ben and J.J. didn't want to fire me."

"Nobody could have played Ben Covington better than Scott Speedman,"

The WB

At least he wasn't gone completely!

The show remains a beloved 90s/early 2000s favorite that even though it only lasted for four seasons, still managed to become one of a lot of people's favorite shows. The producers credit the cast for their ability to "give their hearts and souls to the show" which we can agree with.

So, what side of the hair debate were you on? Were you pro-haircut or anti-haircut?

Source - Hollywood Reporter