Fighting Evil By Moonlight, Figure Skating By Daylight - You Need To See This Sailor Moon Skating Routine

A video from earlier this year has just resurfaced and it is fantastic. A Russian figure skater named Evgenia Medvedeva participated in the Dreams on Ice 2016 event and she made so many people's dreams come true.

Right before your eyes, she transformed herself into Sailor Moon! She starts off in the school girl outfit, but as she skates she rips off the long skirt and baggy shirt to reveal her sailor scout uniform! She even pulls up the boots!

So much choreography must have been involved in getting this outfit to switch and actually work out!

All I ever wanted when I was kid, was to be able to turn into a sailor scout. I mean, not all of us had all her magical powers, but this figure skater proves that with the right wardrobe any of us could achieve our dreams!

You have to check out the full video. She does a great job of skating in ways that imitate the cartoon, and somehow manages to never run over her discarded clothes. That would have been my top concern if it were me skating.

Check out the full video below. It's not in English, but it's still amazing to watch the creative use of costume changes in this throwback routine!