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First Glimpse Of Amazon's Reboot Of 'The Tick' Is Out And You Need To See It

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The Tick is a franchise that's had a pretty interesting history. It started off as a fan-made comic that parodied superhero comics of the time, but soon became a beloved cartoon series on Fox in 1994.


The show ran for three seasons and was where most people discovered the character, who was a lovable doofus of a superhero that is nigh-invulnerable and fights crime with his best friend Arthur, a former accountant who wears a flying moth suit.


The show was beloved for its constant humor and relentless poking fun at the superhero genre.

In 2001 Fox decided to bring the show back as a live-action series starring Patrick Warburton, and while it was well-liked by critics and fans, it ultimately had a low broadcast reach and was cancelled after only nine episodes. Tick hasn't really been heard from since, and it's been a dark time for fans of the franchise.


Well, it looks like our prayers have been answered, because Amazon recently announced they're rebooting the series as a streaming show!

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In 2016 Amazon announced they were rebooting The Tick in a new live action series meant for their streaming platform. The show is being spearheaded by Wally Pfister, who you might know best as the cinematographer for most of Christopher Nolan's movies, including The Dark Knight and Inception.


It's also being written by the character's original creator Ben Edlund, meaning chances are it'll be very true to the original character. Speaking of which, The Tick himself is being played by Peter Serafinowicz, who recently appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy.

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The show will be released in two mini-seasons, the first of which is being released on August 25th! The second is due sometime in 2018.

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