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'Flight of the Navigator' Is The Latest Disney Flick To Get The Reboot Treatment

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Disney is really going all out with this whole reboot concept! First they started with the cartoon remakes that they turned into live action movies, then they decided to go for our favorite Halloween movie, and now they are going to remake another classic. It never ends!

Disney's latest remake is taking Flight of the Navigator and bringing it into the new millennium. The original came out in 1986 and people liked it a fair amount. It was never popular enough to get a sequel, until now.

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It was one of those movies that was technically for kids, but honestly, it was probably a bit more scary than it needed to be.

The movie sent a young boy into space with a robot voiced by the same guy who played Pee Wee Herman. Because of "time dilation", eight years pass even though he feels like he has only been gone a few hours. That's a pretty confusing and creepy concept for a kid, but for some reason we liked it.

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The plans for the remake were revealed and here's what we know so far.

Flight of the Navigator movie will be a "reboot" according to reports. Whether they are planning on continuing the original story or remaking it is still a bit unclear, but we do know who will be writing it.

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Joe Henderson will be writing the script. He is the showrunner for Lucifer. Lionsgate and The Henderson Company are both on board with the "reboot", but this is the first update we have heard in a while.

Previously, Brad Copeland from Arrested Development was supposed to write the new version in 2009, but it fell through.

Do you want to see a Flight of the Navigator reboot? Or would you rather that the reboots stopped all together?