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"George of the Jungle" Came Out 20 Years Ago - See Where The Cast Is Now

"George, George, George of the jungle - Strong as he can be! Ahhhhahhhhahhhh, Watch out for that - oooooh - tree!"

If you haven't seen this movie, you are missing out. George of the Jungle is absolutely one of the best movies of the 90s. It is however a movie you shouldn't think too hard about.

For example, if he was raised by the ape named Ape who speaks perfect English with a British accent, why is George's speech so broken? No one knows, don't ask questions.

No matter how weird the plot is, it was a wildly loved movie that is still super quotable to this day. But what does the cast look like now?

Max and Thor

They were the bad guys who were trying to kill "The White Ape" who turned out to just be George. They were the worst, but luckily Ape and Shep took care of them in the best way.

Max was played by Greg Cruttwell but that was actually his last acting credit. Since then, he directed one film in 2000, but now focuses on his Batham Blazer Football Club which has actually won him awards for community involvement.

Abraham Benrubi played Thor and has been in quite a lot since. He was most recently in the show APB and has also done a lot of voice over work for Robot Chicken.


Ursula's best friend gets quite the eyeful of George when she first meets him and she thinks he is super great. Can you blame her? After this movie she was in a couple other TV shows and then returned for George of the Jungle 2. Her last acting credit was as a guest spot on Cold Case.

Arthur and Beatrice Stanhope

Ursula's parents are the definition of the upper class. They are very rich and have a lot of opinions about everything.

Arthur Stanhope was played by John Bennett Perry who is actually Matthew Perry's dad!? I had no idea! His last acting role was actually in his son's show Mr. Sunshine.

Beatrice Stanhope was pretty iconic. She was played by Holland Taylor who you might recognize most recently as Charlie Sheen's mom in Two and a Half Men.

Mr. Kwame

Walt Disney Pictures

He was nice enough to take Ursula into the jungle, but he didn't expect everything to get so crazy. He was in the show Heroes, Chicago Fire, and most recently Being Mary Jane.


He has been all over the place after George of the Jungle. he was in the movie Easy A, Spiderman 3, and Cardboard Boxer.


Walt Disney Pictures

Leslie Mann has been incredibly busy since finishing this movie. It was one of her earlier roles, but now you probably recognize her from many things including Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, This Is 40, and Vacation.


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The star of the movie was none other than Brendan Fraser. He had a bunch of hits in the 90s, like this classic and The Mummy. He also had a few movies that he probably would like you to forget, like Monkeybone and Bedazzled.

He has actually been in a lot of different shows recently, including The Affair and Texas Rising. He's currently in the process of filming a show called Trust.

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