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A Dad Revealed His Kid Thinks 'Grease 2' Is Better Than 'Grease' And Set Off A Twitter War

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Everyone seems to watch the movie Grease, and when we do we are told that it is basically the greatest musical of all time.

We've got John Travolta all young and adorable, we've got Olivia Newton John and her amazing vocal range, and we've got Stockard Channing as the iconic and important Rizzo.

The thing is, when John Pavolvitz's daughter told him that Grease 2 was better than Grease. He didn't approve. So much so, he said that "I consider this a parenting failure."

Here's the thing, it turns out there are people who are willing to defend this girl, and guess what, I am one of them.

Stephanie Zinone
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Grease 2 is better. There, I said it. I know, you disagree, I don't really care. But guess what, I'm not the only one who thinks so. Well, John Pavlovitz's daughter and I aren't the only ones who think so.

Like the very wise Erika says, "It's very fun and much better and is beautifully camp. Also Michelle Pfeiffer and Lorna Luft."

Right. Michelle Pfeiffer is an absolute power house in this movie. She is the toughest pink lady to ever live, (okay maybe tied with Rizzo) but literally nothing she does is anything but perfect.

I know a lot of people idolize Sandy, but let's really think about her choices. She comes to school, finds out her summer love goes there, but when she meets up with him she realizes that he is being a real jerk. She gives him a second chance, fine, but then he keeps trying to push it.

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Instead of moving on, she just can't get over him, fine, whatever, we all have big crushes like that, but then she goes ahead and changes every single thing about herself to fit into his world. Sure, he sort of tries to become a better person as well, but instead of meeting in the middle, they basically end up in his world only.

You know who doesn't change herself at all? Ms. Stephanie "I kiss who I want, when I want" Zinone. That lady tells the guy who persistently asks her out that she's not interested, not only that, but she tells him exactly what kind of guy she wants.

Honestly, I think that Eric Peterson has a good opinion of it. He said "Maybe seeing Sandy wearing painted on leather pants and learning to smoke just to win some guy who has shown repeatedly that he doesn't deserve her is a downer. I get that."

So if you're thinking "but the songs in the second one aren't as good" then you would be wrong. The songs are all amazing.

"Cool Rider" is the most amazing song in either of the movies, "Reproduction" is honestly pretty educational even though it's supposed to be a joke, "Score Tonight" is a hilarious play on words that is too good not to love, and "Who's That Guy?" will never not be in my head.

Grease 2
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The only song in the entire movie that you should probably just skip is "Charades" by Michael Carrington himself. It just feels like it goes on a little bit too long and is just kind of not the same feel as the rest of the great hits.

Now, I know there is one song that is problematic. "Do It For Our Country" might make you think that it's really inappropriate, but if you watch the movie, Sharon doesn't fall for Lewis's creepy plan so it's fine.

Grease 2
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There are, of course, several people who want to stick to the status quo: believing that Grease is better because it's the original. I'm in no way saying that it's bad, in fact it is very, very good, just that Grease 2 is much more enjoyable for me to watch.

Both have amazing songs, both have a ridiculous cast of characters, and both feature characters modifying their behavior to fit in. The thing is, I just prefer that modification to be a guy learning how to ride a motorcycle instead of a girl changing literally everything about herself.

Grease 2
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Now it's time to pick sides. What do you think? Grease or Grease 2? I've made my choice very clear, but feel free to disagree with me.

The best part about Grease is Rizzo, and she doesn't get nearly enough love.