Great Scott! Producer Of Back To The Future Speaks Out On Potential Reboot

Back to the Future was one of the greatest movies. A young Michael J. Fox running around with his best friend the mad scientist? Perfect. But, with all of these reboots of popular franchises circling around, will Back to the Future be the next movie to get a new younger and more CGI-filled remake?


Producer of the Back to the Future trilogy, Frank Marshall,  has made a decision on the future of the classic series. Marshall was asked whether or not it was safe from a reboot and his answer was hopefully enough to ease your fears.

"Yeah, as long as I have my say [it's safe]. That one exists just like ET - we're never touching those," - Frank Marshall

Phew! Not that all reboots are terrible, but some things are better left untouched. The original trilogy still holds up now, and the producer agrees, saying he still "loves watching it" and was particularly impressed they were only a year off in predicting the Chicago Cubs World Series win.


It's nice to hear that even though the series got a big bump in publicity last year, (2015 was the year that Back to the Future II was set in) they haven't really changed their mind on the potential for a reboot. It isn't even just that Marshall himself is necessarily against reboots, as he is currently producing the Jurassic World sequel and also working on the Indiana Jones fifth movie. He just seems to understand that it will be best to keep Back to the Future in the past.