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'Growing Pains' Stars Reunite To Reveal Their Favorite Memories From The Show We All Loved

Watching Growing Pains was one of the highlights of our week when we were kids. The Seaver family meant a lot to us, and it was such a sad day when it ended.

Alan Thicke was the amazing patriarch of the family, but it was the kids that we all cared about. Kirk Cameron's character, Mike, was stealing hearts, Tracy Gold's character, Carol, was inspiring students, and Jeremy Miller's character, Ben, was causing trouble, but we loved him anyway.

Recently, the three iconic and original Seaver children got together to share some of their favorite moments, and it makes us want to rewatch the entire show.

Of course, the first memories were of their TV dad Alan Thicke. Miller revealed that his favorite moments from the series almost always involved Thicke. “Any of my favorite moments of Alan were usually when he was losing his mind over something we had done, usually something Kirk had done,” Miller said.

Cameron admitted that it was almost always his fault. “I was usually the instigation of his madness."

Gold revealed that one of her favorite episodes was when the Seavers chaperoned a school dance and they discover their parents can dance better than them. "The three of us, who are supposed to be the cool ones, are looking at them like, ‘You guys are rocking it,’” she reminisced.

Cameron remembered his favorite moment which was actually a really sweet moment with Carol, where he tries to convince her not to get a nose job.

"It was Mike who was always telling her how horrible she is, how ugly she is, like brothers do with sisters, and in that moment there was this touching thing where he’s like, 'You’re actually really pretty; I just can’t tell you that because you’re my sister.' And he was the one that actually made her feel like, ‘I’m beautiful just the way I am.’ It was a touching, great brother-sister moment.”

Then it came time to dish on the famous alums from the show, including Leonardo DiCaprio...

Miller remembered working with Brad Pitt fondly, calling him "one of the nicest guys, hands down." Even many years after they worked together, Pitt wasn't ever too famous to say hello to the young actor.

“We ran into each other multiple times and I didn’t want to bother him," Miller said. "I wouldn’t go approach him. And generally if he saw me, he’d yell out across the store ‘Jeremy!’ He'd come over and give a big hug and say hi and ask how we’ve been doing and we’d reminisce and he’d ask about you guys. It was just really nice that he was such a warm guy.”

Gold revealed that he was really sweet after the table read, sending thank you notes to everyone. “He really did feel like a Midwest nice guy. And I kind of remember when we came for the table read, the next day, he sent muffins and thank you notes to everybody for having a great time that week."


When it came time to share the truth about the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio, the final season addition to the show, Gold had nothing but nice things to say. "Leo's as nice as can be. We’ve seen him over the years and he’s always genuinely kind and nice.”

Miller was quick to add, "We still consider him family."

As for why the show became so successful, Gold suspects that it's because of the cast. "I think it’s just the group of people they cast and got together, and we really felt like a family, and I think it translated through the screen.”

Miller believed that it had a lot to do with the writing. “The way the family was written really was the type of family most people dreamed of having, but I think the true family feeling that we had was what people could really see and relate to.”

No matter what the reason was, I think we can all agree that the show will live on forever as one of the best!

Source - Today