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10 90s Hair Accessories That We Would Travel Back In Time To Stop

Hands up if you grew up in the 90s! Congratulations, you got to live through the greatest decade ever. It was bright, it was colorful, and we had a lot of fun. Sure, most of us were still in our pre-pubescent years or maybe our early teens, but you know what, we loved it.

The one thing that still stands out, was the fashion and the style. There were absolutely a few definitive looks that went along with the 90s, and they all involved some weird tools to make them happen.

Whether you wanted to braid your hair, crimp it, or bedazzle it, the 90s had a tool for you. The only problem was that it wouldn't be comfortable, easy, or fun. Most of the time it would end up with us being incredibly frustrated and throwing the tool in your closet for the rest of time.

Seriously, why did we want these?

1. Crimper

The two metal plates would clamp together, pushing the searing hot plates into you hair, scorching it for several seconds. You would then have to release it, move it down the width of the piece and repeat. It was such a repetitive process, and it more often then not your hair would get full of static and end up getting stuck in the joints of the crimper. That was if you were lucky enough to avoid completely burning your hair.

2. Topsy Tail

It was supposed to make a cool looking ponytail, but instead it would just stab us in the head and then completely mess up. When it worked it was okay, but if your hair was super fine there was no chance that it was ever going to work. To be fair, I doubt it worked for people with really thick hair either. It had a very specific target audience.

3. Braidini

Why couldn't we just braid our own hair? We'll never know. These tools didn't really make anything easier, they just frustrated our moms so much that they would never let us use it again.

4. Conair Quick Wrap

Because sticking your hair through a complicated device that will wrap string around it seems like a great idea... It was like having highlights in your hair, but instead of some hair, it was pieces of string that just became annoying immediately. That was, if you could actually get it to stick in your hair at all. Most of the time something would go wrong and your hair would get all tangled up in a bizarre way.

5. Comb Headbands

At a quick glance, these look like a torture device, and that's because they were. Their sharp little teeth would stab into your head while you tried to put it on, and then throughout the day you would feel the constant pain of the combs rubbing against your scalp. All in the name of beauty right? Did anyone else hate putting these on? I always remember it feeling like it was scratching up my face.

That wasn't even the worst of it...

6. Hairagami

Seems simple right? Wrap your hair around the thing and let it snap into the perfect bun? Well, that's not at all how it happens. Instead, you can try it 1000 times, but it will never ever look the way it does on the box. It's just pure evil, why would they pretend like this was a possible outcome? They knew it would never happen...

7. Quick Gems

So, adding gems to your hair was a HUGE trend, and the most excessive way to do it was buying a tool that would do it for you. But let's be honest for a second here. They never stayed in for more than 12 seconds, if they did, they always managed to get one single hair snagged in a weird way that would pull on your scalp. And worst of all, if you magically got them to go in properly and stay in, they would later be a big pain to get untangled from your hair.

8. Benders

They were supposed to give you some cool curls that made it look like you got an awesome perm, but lets be honest, they did not look good. It seemed to always end up as a big mess of frizz, and no matter which size of curlers you used it didn't turn out how you imagined.

9. Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron

Getting that pin straight hair was a huge deal in the late 90s, and for some reason we didn't have the patience to let our hair dry first. The damage we did to our poor, poor hair was intense. It's a miracle that we haven't all gone bald.

10. Conair Quick Braid

What's that? You want a quick and easy way to tear out most of our hair? Well look no further than the Quick Braid! Put four strands of hair in, and in seconds you'll have a twisted, knotted mess that you'll have no other option but to cut it out. Obviously it's so worth it.

Do you have any traumatic hair stories from the 90s?