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'Happy Days' Star Reveals Which Cast Member They Didn't Get Along With And It's Absolutely Heartbreaking

Happy Days was one of the most beloved shows on TV. It had 11 seasons, and each of them managed to relate to families all over the country.

It was one of those shows that you could watch with your family, but was entertaining enough that you actually enjoyed it. It was set back in the 50s and 60s, even though the show was running in the 70s and 80s, but it gave it that nostalgic feeling we all loved.

The show followed Richie Cunningham, his dad, Howard, his mom, Marion, and his sister, Joanie, as they navigated through the world. There was of course Richie's best friend who rented a room at the Cunninghams's house, none other then Arthur Fonzarelli.

Fonzie wasn't originally intended to become the main character of the show, but audiences loved him and eventually he managed make his way to top billing.

Happy Days Cast

The show was so successful that they were able to spin off two other successful series. Mork & Mindy and Laverne & Shirley were both huge hits on their own, but both got their start on the popular family comedy.

There are of course going to be a lot of changes when a show is on for 11 seasons, but there were a few constants. Only two characters appeared in every episode of the series, Fonzie and Howard. Marion was the other constant, having appeared in all 11 seasons.

Her part may not have been very big at the start, but the actress who played her, Marion Ross, knew she was part of something special.

Even though she loved it, she did recently reveal some interesting behind the scenes facts about who she had difficultly with on the set, and we can't help but be a little curious...

It's hard to imagine that the set of Happy Days would be anything but actual happy days, but obviously when you're dealing with a large number of people it's just statistically likely that some of them won't get along as well as you'd hope.

Mrs. C was such an iconic TV mom, and now she's written a new book that will take us behind the scenes. She went on Today with Megyn Kelly to discuss her time on the show and what people can expect from her book.

She goes into details about what it was like to start acting when she did, and just how poorly women were treated. She explained that she was told it "wasn't safe" to go on set alone.

Happy Days Mrs. Cunningham

One time a man told her to come see him, but it was at his apartment and when he started to proposition her, she stood up for herself. "I punched him in the shoulder and I said, 'You have no character! I'm married!'" she said. "He didn't know what to do with me."

When she started on Happy Days, she had a hard time with one cast member at the beginning. Tom Bosley, who played Howard Cunningham, aka her on-screen husband, had a hard time connecting with his TV wife.

She revealed that they didn't get along that well "for a couple of years." She had her suspicions as to why they didn't click. "Either Tom Bosley had somebody else in mind right at the beginning (of the show) ... but I had a very small part at the beginning," she said. "My lines were like, 'Oh, Howard,' 'Oh, children, you're not eating.'"

Happy Days Cunninghams

But as time went on and they got more to do in the show, they started bonding. "So we had to work our way through that," she continued. "Because I learned to love him, I loved him and we became very close friends."

Ross's book is available now if you are interested in learning more about her time on one of America's favorite shows.

Knowing that the Cunninghams weren't getting along from the start is a pretty crazy revelation though! I don't know how much more I could handle!

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