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Can You Name These #1 Hits From The '90s?

Can You Name These #1 Hits Of The 90's?

Time for a music challenge! How many of these 90's #1 hits can you name?

Posted by Throwbacks on Saturday, April 29, 2017

It's hard to look back at the music we had in the 90s and not be impressed by just how good it was. While we may have had our fair share of one hit wonders and music that had no business being popular (if I never hear Creed again I'll die happy), overall our pop music options were just so damn good. How many songs from the video above can you name?

Check below for the answers and full song!

1) I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

I don't care who you are, there's no way anyone can listen to this song without belting out the chorus. Originally written by Dolly Parton in 1973, Whitney Houston put her stamp on it in 1992 when she recorded it for the soundtrack of The Bodyguard, which Houston starred in alongside Kevin Costner. It spent 14 weeks at the top of the Billboard charts, which at the time was a record. In the week after her death in 2012, the song returned to the Billboard charts a second time, but peaked at No. 3.

2) (Everything I Do) I Do It For You - Bryan Adams

Apparently in the 90s Kevin Costner movie soundtracks had the golden touch since Bryan Adams's 1991 single hails from the soundtrack of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. While the movie was a critical failure, "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" spent 7 weeks on top of the charts and sold over 15 million copies, making it one of the best-selling singles of all time.

3) Hero - Mariah Carey

If there was one artist that absolutely ruled the 90s, there is no doubt whatsoever that it was Mariah Carey. She had at least one song hit #1 on the Billboard charts every year in the '90s except for 1994, but if we're getting technical, her song "Hero" could count as a 1994 #1. It hit the top of the charts on December 25, 1993, and stayed there for 4 consecutive weeks until January 22, 1994. It was her 8th single to hit #1, and to this day remains one of her most performed songs.

4) That's The Way Love Goes - Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson's 1993 single might just be one of the most iconic and influential pop songs of the 90s, having inspired or influenced artists like Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, and Destiny's Child. It's not surprising then that the single was a massive success, spending 8 weeks at the top of the Billboard charts, and selling over a million copies.

5) Because I Love You (The Postman Song) - Stevie B

While Stevie B had a number of top 40 songs, "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)" was the peak of his career, spending 4 weeks at #1 in December of 1990.

6) End of the Road - Boyz II Men

Anyone who was around in the 90s knows just how huge Boyz II Men were. "End of the Road," released in 1992 on the Boomerang sountrack, was their first hit single and spent a record-setting 13 weeks at #1. This record was, of course, beaten later that year by Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." The success of the song led to a re-release of their debut album so that the song could be included.

7) Waterfalls - TLC

As much as I love "No Scrubs," "Waterfalls" has to be TLC's most iconic song.  It spent 7 weeks at #1 in 1995, and sold over 1.2 million copies.

8) (I Can’t Help) Falling In Love With You - UB40

The British reggae band's cover of Elvis Presley's classic song was a huge success both in the U.S. as well as internationally. It debuted at #100 on Billboard's Hot 100, but quickly climbed to #1, where it would stay for 7 weeks.

9) Black or White - Michael Jackson

The release of the music video for "Black or White" was a massive cultural moment in the 90s. It's broadcast gave Fox, who aired it alongside MTV and B.E.T., it's biggest Nielsen ratings ever. The song itself was also hugely successful, staying at Billboard's #1 spot for 7 weeks.

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10) The Sign - Ace of Base

There's something about this song that just sounds like the 90s. As soon as you hear it you feel like you've gone back in time and are skating with your friends at the roller rink, eating Keebler Pizzarias and drinking Fruitopia. Considering how perfectly 90s this song is, it's no surprise that it spent 6 weeks as Billboard's #1 song in the U.S.

11) Fantasy - Mariah Carey

1995 was a good year to be Mariah Carey, as her mega hit "Fantasy" became the first of two singles that year that would land her at the #1 spot. Not only did it stay at #1 for an impressive 8 weeks, but it made her the first female artist, and only second artist in history, to have a song debut at the #1 spot.

12) This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan

This song is definitely a must-have in any 90s throwback playlist. "This Is How We Do It" marked the first R&B release for Jordan's label Def Jam. They clearly made the right choice, as the song spent 7 weeks at the top of the charts in 1995.

13) The Boy Is Mine - Brandy & Monica

While it feels like we barely hear about Brandy anymore, in the late 90s she was one of the biggest stars in music. Her and Monica's 1998 duet "The Boy Is Mine" was an absolutely massive success, staying at the top of the charts for a whopping 13 weeks.

14) Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down - Puff Daddy ft Mase

It's hard to believe that it was only in 1997 that Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs released his debut album, considering how huge a figure he was in 90s hip hop as a producer and songwriter. Considering his previous successes, it's not surprising that his debut single with Mase would also be a hit, spending 6 weeks at the top spot.

15) Jump - Kris Kross

Rap duo Kris Kross's first single "Jump" was not only the fastest-selling single in fifteen years, but it's also one of the catchiest songs of the decade. It's no surprise then that it ended up spending 8 weeks at Billboard's #1 spot. Then you remember that they were only 12 and 13 when they did this, and you can't help but wonder what you've done with your own life.

16) Too Close - Next

Next's "Too Close" was by far their most successful single, spending 5 weeks at the top of the charts in 1998 and selling over 2 million copies.

17) Tha Crossroads - Bone Thugs N Harmony

In part dedicated to the late rapper Eazy-E, "Tha Crossroads" became the highest-debuting rap song ever, starting at the #2 spot before spending 8 weeks at #1. The song was a huge hit internationally and is considered to be among the greatest rap songs of all time.

18) I’ll Be Missing You - Puff Daddy & Faith Evans ft 112

Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs's second single was even bigger than his first, spending a massive 11 weeks in the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100. Part of its success undoubtedly comes from its status as a tribute to the late Christopher "The Notorious B.I.G." Wallace, who had been murdered a few months earlier.

We haven't even got to some of the biggest songs yet, so you better keep reading on the next page!

19) One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men

Widely considered to be the greatest collaboration of all time, "One Sweet Day" was basically destined for greatness. Combine the two biggest pop stars of the decade, and have them sing a heartfelt song with a powerful message and it's no surprise that to this day it holds the record for longest-running #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100. It remained at the top for a staggering 16 weeks.

20) Candle in the Wind 1997 - Elton John

As a tribute to the late Princess Diana, Elton John rewrote and rerecorded his 1973 song "Candle in the Wind," which he also performed at her funeral. Considering the events surrounding the song's release, it's no surprise it was hugely success, spending 14 weeks at the top of Billboard's charts.

21) Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinéad O’Connor

Sinéad O'Connor's rearrangement of the Prince-penned "Nothing Compares 2 U" found significantly more success than the original, spending 4 weeks at #1 in the early months of 1990.

22) Rush, Rush - Paula Abdul

While she was mostly known for upbeat pop numbers, Paula Abdul's first real foray into ballad territory can definitely be considered a success, seeing as it spent 5 weeks at the top of the charts when it was released in 1991.

23) I’ll Make Love To You - Boyz II Men

This song was an absolutely massive hit, staying at #1 for 14 weeks and tying with Whitney Houston for the longest-running stint at #1 (a record which they would of course later break with their Mariah Carey collaboration). Funnily enough, the song that would unseat them from the top spot was one of their own, "On Bended Knee" which may yet make an appearance in this list *hint hint*.

24) Dreamlover - Mariah Carey

"Dreamlover" was the first of two #1 hit singles Mariah Carey would have in 1993, though it was definitely the more successful of the two. The song held onto the top spot for 8 weeks for being toppled by Meatloaf's "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)".

25) Genie in a Bottle - Christina Aguilera

1999's "Genie in a Bottle" was what introduced the world to Christina Aguilera who would of course go on to become one of the biggest pop stars of the 2000s. Her debut single spent 5 weeks at #1, and would go on to sell almost 1.5 million copies.

26) Macarena - Los Del Rio

When you think of 90s music, the "Macarena" is undoubtedly one of the first songs that will come to mind. Not only was it one of the biggest songs of the decade, staying at #1 for 14 weeks, but it's also likely the most famous one hit wonder of the 90s. 100% guaranteed you still know all the moves to the dance.

We're almost there, but we've still got more of your favorite 90s hits on the next page.

27) Livin La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin

Considered the song that led to an explosion in the popularity of Latin pop music, Ricky Martin's 1999 hit would go on to spend 5 weeks at #1.

28) Smooth ft Rob Thomas - Santana

Not only was "Smooth" one of the biggest hits of the decade, it was also the last #1 song of the 90s, staying at the top of the charts for 12 weeks. Billboard considers the song to be the second greatest song of all time.

29) If You Had My Love - Jennifer Lopez

Having gained success playing the beloved  pop star Selena in the biopic of the same name, Jennifer Lopez would go on to start her own music career off with a bang with her debut single "If You Had My Love". The song unseated Ricky Martin from the top of the charts, and would remain there for 5 weeks.

30) Un-Break My Heart - Toni Braxton

Possibly one of the greatest ballads of the decade, Toni Braxton's "Un-Break My Heart" stayed in the #1 spot for 11 weeks. When Billboard assembled their Hot 100 for the previous four decades (running 1958-1998), the 1996 single landed in the #4 spot, which was the highest ranked song for any solo artist.

31) I Swear - All-4-One

The song "I Swear" became a hit for two different musical acts in 1994, having been released first as a country song by John Michael Montgomery. The pop-ified follow up by All-4-One was the more successful of the two versions, hitting the top spot of the Hot 100 (Montgomery's version peaked at 42) and remaining #1 for 11 weeks.

32) On Bended Knee - Boyz II Men

The second huge hit for Boyz II Men in 1994, "On Bended Knee" was the song to unseat their seemingly-unbeatable previous single, "I'll Make Love To You". Though it didn't have the staying power of its predecessor, it held on to the top spot for a still-respectable 6 weeks.

33) I’m Your Angel - Céline Dion and R. Kelly

The 1998 Céline Dion song that everyone remembers is undoubtedly "My Heart Will Go On" from the Titanic soundtrack. However, another song she released that year was actually more successful: "I'm Your Angel" on which she collaborated with R. Kelly. The song stayed at the top of the charts for 6 weeks, which was actually 4 weeks longer than "My Heart Will Go On" was able to manage, despite the popularity of the film for which she recorded it.

34) Take A Bow - Madonna

Not necessarily the 90s Madonna song we remember the most, it was actually her most successful single of the decade, staying at the top of the charts for 7 weeks.

This whole list brought back so many memories. How many of these songs did you remember?