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How retro gaming became so popular

Photo by Ben on Unsplash

Classic games are all the rage nowadays. Whilst big titles and AAA games still rule the marketplace, people have now started to turn back to retro gaming; in essence, their childhood as the gaming industry continues to thrive despite the financial pressures the rest of the world is currently facing.

What’s all the fuss?

There are any number of reasons why people might now be turning to their old games consoles, but it could be something as simple as boredom. There are only so many times that you can play through the same set of missions on games like Call of Duty and GTA5 before you start to look for new challenges and different games. This isn’t a slight against the games in question, but the human mind needs to be challenged and stimulated. Other reasons include

  • Nostalgia
  • Increased difficulty
  • Better availability
  • More cost-effective

Money, money, money!

Cost can be considered a key reason as right now, not everyone has the money to spend £30 or £40 on brand new games, so they turn to something they recognize that they know they can get for a reasonable price. With the likes of Sonic and Zelda seeing increased popularity after remasters of some of their classic titles, the Playstation network and even Nintendo have released some of their better-known titles on their online service. This can help attract newer customers and help keep the regular players interested in other aspects of their gaming experiences.

Tips of your fingers

There is also a sense of convenience when it comes to retro gaming as with so many websites hosting older games and emulators, it has never been easier to get involved with retro gaming, You could take the time to learn about older games, and in some cases, you can look back to your childhood and experience some of your older games first hand. This can allow you to tap into nostalgia as you look back to some of the games from your youth, and in some cases, it is just a matter of seeing if the games are all you really remember them being.

It’s not just consoles

Even casinos, both online and in person, have taken the retro approach in some cases. Some classic slot machines have stripped the game right back to simplify them for the player. Having a go at some classic online casino slots can also be more fun as they can give you more of a challenge as you have to adapt your playing style when compared to newer types. IT can be great fun for anyone to have a go, even if you don’t win anything.

One thing might not seem so obvious though it the way it can help a family to bond. Whilst it is possible to bond with kids and other family members through some of the current games, retro gaming gives you the chance to show younger players what life was like growing up and how you passed the time. Although it might not seem like it, especially when they show a lack of interest, just sharing something so important from your childhood can often mean more than any expensive console could.