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How to Format USB-Drives In a Few Clicks – Most Popular Software for Windows

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

A variety of problems with USB-drives or flash drives - this is something that every owner probably faces. The computer does not see the USB flash drive, and files are not deleted or written, Windows writes that the disk is write-protected, the memory size is displayed incorrectly - this is not a complete list of such problems.

Why You Have to Use Professional Software to Format USB-Drives?

If various ways to fix USB drive errors by manipulating the drivers, using Windows “Disk Management” or using the command line (diskpart, format, etc.) did not lead to a positive result, you can try the utilities and flash repair programs. Below, we are going to review the best ones.

The Most Effective Applications for Windows to Format USB-Drives

In this professional review, we will consider several programs for formatting flash drives. USB flash drive device that allows you to store and share information. If, for example, a device is infected with viruses, or if you want to change the file system format to NTFS, FAT 32, exFAT, you can format it.

1.     HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

When the standard means of Windows XP - 10, you can’t format the USB flash drive, the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool comes to the rescue. The program has a primitive "one-button" interface, but it does an outstanding job of its tasks. All that is required of you: connect a “buggy” drive, select the file system and press the format key, and also accept the warnings.

And if you want to erase all the information on the system disk, there is an option to create a bootable USB flash drive with the DOS version of the program. It is made of high quality.

The Main Features of the application

  • It does not require installation - it is launched from the downloaded exe file;
  • It implements the creation of boot devices to work from under DOS;
  • Completely deletes information on the medium in a standard low-level mode;
  • It supports fast formatting in FAT, NTFS;
  • Better than many competitors in speed;
  • Allows you to rename the drive;

2.     Rufus Portable

Rufus is a small utility that helps format and creates bootable USB flash drives (USB keys, memory cards, etc.). Despite its small size, rufus portable provides everything you need to create a USB installation media with bootable ISO (Windows, Linux, etc.) or programs from DOS.

Rufus is a small utility that helps format and creates bootable USB flash drives faster than peers. The test results are shown on the homepage, according to which rufus spends almost three times less time to fill in the “whistle” of the Slackware distribution than the notorious UNetbootin.

The user can optionally align the partitions on the USB flash drive (the Add Fixes for Old BIOSes item, which is hidden in the Format Options pull-down menu). If your machine is ancient and does not detect a bootable USB drive, try activating this option - it may help.

The Main Features of the application

  • A portable version that works without installing on a computer.
  • As for the creation of "boot" media, there are possible options: MS-DOS / or SysLinux (a set of boot loaders for the "penguin" kernel).
  • Burn bootable ISOs
  • Logging, which is also useful in especially severe cases.
  • Checking the flash drive for bad blocks (writing data in several passes, from 1 to 4, by default - 2).

3.     EzRecover

EzRecover is a free utility designed to fix malfunctions in USB drives. The application will be able to restore the functionality of flash drives and memory cards if the system does not detect them, are defined in Windows as a "Security Device," are recognized with zero memory capacity, as well as with various errors that occur when writing or reading information.

EzRecover has the functions of low-level formatting of flash memory, comprehensive diagnostics of the amount of memory of flashcards, correction of critical errors in the operation of flash controllers (sm321, sm324, sm325, etc.).

The program supports working with all models of famous manufacturers of flash drives: Corsair, A-Data, Silicon Power, Samsung, OCZ ATV, Super Talent, LG, GoodRam Flash Disk and the most common card readers: XD, MS, MMC, MD, CompactFlash, Format Tool Sony Memory Stick, ETC.

The Main Features of the application

  • Only recognizes a damaged flash drive, disk, memory card of mobile devices;
  • It is connected to the drive even when the operating system does not see it;
  • The utility is easy to use - performs work in automatic mode;
  • Uses proprietary “repair” algorithms;
  • You can download the program in seconds - it takes up little disk space;
  • Not all file storage devices are supported.

4. JetFlash Recovery Tool (JetFlash Online Recovery)

JetFlash Recovery Tool (JetFlash Online Recovery) is a compact program for working with USB-sticks from Transcend. This utility has two main methods of application. The first is related to the restoration of the usability of the USB drive, and the second is to remove the write protection from the USB flash drive.

JetFlash Recovery Tool has a convenient and straightforward interface. Even if you do not know English, you can quickly figure out the main features of the program. When the utility starts, you will be asked to insert a flash drive from Transcend and connect to the network. After these requirements are met, a list of all available flash drives will appear on the main screen.

The Main Features of the application

  • Designed for flash drives of strictly defined brands;
  • Compatible with both OS Windows 10 and with older Microsoft OSes;
  • Has a primitive menu of two buttons (start, exit);
  • By default, selects the best formatting method for the situation.


In fact, there are much more free utilities for repairing flash drives than are listed here: we tried to take into account only the relatively "universal" tools for USB drives.