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How to Unlock Instagram Using a Proxy

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As an active Instagram user, you may be in a position where you need to manage multiple Instagram accounts for various purposes. In such a case, you will be forced to use automation tools to help you manage these accounts. It is against Instagram policies to have multiple accounts (more than five) under one IP (Internet Protocol) address or to use automation bots. If you have to use those, you will have to mask your IP address or else Instagram will block your accounts. If at any one time you find your accounts blocked, here is a list of proxies for unblocking Instagram. But before you get to use those proxies, how do you unblock your account?

Choosing the Right Provider                    

You will first need to choose a proxy provider. It would be good if you go for residential proxies. These proxies resemble the real IP addresses hence Instagram is not likely to flag them when their traffic passes through them. These proxies can be quite expensive, but you get more benefits from them. They are fast, effective, and highly anonymous. If you are only trying out unblocking your account and do not want to spend, you can go for shared proxies. They are also quite a handful. However, such proxies are not as reliable and Instagram can easily identify and block them hence defeating the purpose of their use. If you want the best service, ensure that you buy a reliable, legal, and fast proxy from a company rather than a random individual. Here are some that you can consider.

Blazing SEO Proxy

This proxy is super friendly. It is easy to use if you are new to proxies and is very cheap. With about $2.5, you can start using it to mask your IP and unblock your Instagram account. The proxy takes traffic through its server instead of coming directly to your account. This means that you appear to be using a different IP address and can comfortably use your account. This proxy provides both HTTPs and SOCKS proxies. It is unavailable in many countries, but has the best of customer service if you are within their range.

Smart Proxy

At about $200 a month, Smart Proxy will give you access to about ten million IP addresses. They have advanced features that enable you to bypass Instagram’s restrictions with ease. You can access their database in more than 195 regions all over the world, making them reliable when traveling. You also get to access multiple categories of HTTPs and HTTP servers should this need arise.


Luminati is among the best proxy providers you can ever find. They currently have about 37 million servers, and are still expanding. Additionally, they have about two million mobile servers, meaning that you can also comfortably use your smartphone. You can access these servers in more than 200 locations around the world. When traveling they will cover most of the locations that you will find yourself. However, they are quite expensive. You will have to part with $500 every month if you want to enjoy their services.