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Iconic Female Empowerment Films From the 90s and 00s

Women have been working hard to prove their worthiness in reality and especially in the 90s TV and culture industry. Females have had to struggle with getting past beauty and sexism while proving their worth in the workplace. Let's take the first example of female empowerment films from the 90s and 00s.

Legally Blonde

This is the story of a young woman who on the outside had it all. She was beautiful, sexy, and came from a privileged background. Yet, all she thought she really wanted was her old boyfriend back. She thought she could win his love by earning a Juris Doctorate degree and becoming a lawyer.

In 2012, there were 1,268,011 licensed, practicing lawyers that were both men and women. Elle Woods is a determined young lady who overcomes everything to get what she sets her sights on.

The character in this movie shows how when you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything, and in the end, she learned that getting a man isn't nearly as important as feeling accomplished and satisfied with who you are as a person.


This 90s TV and culture movie is about a young, rich teen named Cher who tries to be the ideal matchmaker. Cher feels she has been so successful at matchmaking that she decides to help a new student. This girl is a complete klutz and totally clueless, but she wants to give her a makeover. Cher does such a good job making over this girl the girl then becomes more popular than she is.

She ends up falling for her step-brother when he proves how right he was about her cluelessness. This wasn't really weird, not like it is incest or anything; they do have different parents.

Cher is not a very good driver. This lack of driving skills contributes to 3 million people in the U.S. being injured annually in car accidents.

The movie Clueless proves women in the 1990s and 2000s are empowering. These women go after what they want and stand up for what they believe in. This film allows viewers to indulge in their fun, feminine sides without feeling ashamed. Multiple lessons are included in the film as well, such as keeping standards for yourself and that you feel best when you're doing things for others.

Miss Congeniality

This movie is about a female FBI agent, Gracie Hart, who enters a beauty pageant to help solve a crime. The FBI wanted Gracie to enter the beauty pageant to solve a crime. Over 680,000 security officers working in the field of investigation and security are performing a number of other services.

This movie is the best depiction of female empowerment of these three iconic films. The character, Gracie Hart started out as a woman working in a primarily male occupation. She felt unattractive to her male counterparts and undermined by her superiors. Her opinion of the other women in the pageant was that they were ditzy and misrepresented the female population. Once she took the time to get to know the other contestants she realized they did have a lot to offer. She ended up having to rely on her own wits to save herself and the other women.

For Gracie, the idea of being in a beauty pageant was hard. This was due to the way beauty has become so standardized in society. Also, because she has had to overcome so much to succeed in her career. This movie and Legally Blonde are both excellent examples of women becoming empowered in a man's world.