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It's Been 25 Years Since We Met The Mighty Ducks, But Where Are They Now?

The classic Disney movie has a special place in the heart of all '90s kids, even if you weren't a hockey fan. While many of the Ducks returned for the sequels, we've been wondering what happened to all the cast member from the original flick. Now, we have the answers:

Joshua Jackson (Charlie Conway)

Child stars have a reputation for leaving Hollywood as they get older, but a few of the Ducks bucked this trend. The leader of the team (although he was nicknamed "Spazway" for his habit of missing important shots) was Charlie Conway, played by Joshua Jackson.

Jackson returned for the sequels, then stayed in the spotlight with roles in films like The Skulls. Later, he moved to TV, where he's had leading roles on shows like Dawson's Creek and Fringe, as well as the recent hit The Affair.

Shaun Weiss (Goldberg)

The goalie with a fear of pucks was one of the funniest characters from the movie. He went on to star in Heavy Weights and played Shaun in Freaks and Geeks, but lately his career has stalled. He's working as a comic, and tried to raise money on Kickstarter for a national tour in 2014. He only managed to earn $200 of his $21,000 goal.

Weiss has also been in trouble with the law. In 2013 he was accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend.

Brandon Adams (Jesse Hall)

Jesse was the loudmouthed duck who wasn't afraid to call out Coach Bombay. Adams had other roles in films like The Sandlot, and on Disney shows like Sister Sister and Boy Meets World, but he's not acting much these days. He also released a hip hop album in 2009.

Aaron Schwartz (Dave Karp)

Dave was the prankster Duck, and Schwartz showed off his comedy skills in the fat camp comedy Heavy Weights alongside Shaun Weiss. He later had roles on Guiding Light and Gossip Girl. These days, Schwartz is mostly known for his impressive real-life transformation.

Marguerite Moreau  (Connie)

The "Velvet Hammer" and the only girl on the team before Tammy is recruited, Connie stood out from the rest of the Ducks. Moreau has had success in the Wet Hot American Summer film series. She's also appeared on a number of hit TV shows, including the O.C., Parenthood, Shameless and Grey's Anatomy.

Moreau is married to fellow actor Christopher Redman, and the couple have a son together.

Jussie Smollett (Terry Hall)

Smollett didn't have many lines as Jesse's younger brother, but he's gone on to become one of the most successful Ducks of all. He plays Jamal Lyon, the middle son on the TV show Empire, and has landed roles in the Mindy Project, Revenge and movies like Alien: Covenant.

He also does his own singing for Empire, and has released an album.

Joss Ackland (Hans)

Coach Bombay's mentor Hans was actually played by a British actor, and Ackland has a long list of impressive credits. He starred in Lethal Weapon 2 and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey before his role in The Mighty Ducks.

Ackland went on to appear in hits like K-19: The Widowmaker, and British programs like Midsomer Murders. He also appeared in a record-breaking number of plays, although his motor neuron disease has prevented him from taking new roles lately.

So what have Coach Bombay and the rest of the Ducks been up to?

Danny Tamberelli (Tommy)

Tommy was the younger brother of Tammy, the figure-skating Duck. While it was a pretty small role, Tamberelli went on to do big things. He starred in Nickelodeon's The Adventures of Pete and Pete and All That. Today, Tamberelli is still working as a comedian and musician, and hosts a monthly podcast called The Adventures of Danny and Mike with his old costar Michael C. Maronna.

Lane Smith (Jack Reilly)

You probably recognize the villainous coach of the Hawks from other roles in movies like Network and My Cousin Vinny. He went on to star in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as the newspaper editor Perry White.

Sadly, Smith passed away from ALS in 2005. His last role was in The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Elden Henson (Fulton Reed)

The original Bash Brother made a bold introduction when he broke Coach Bombay's window with a slapshot, and he stayed in the series for both of the sequels. These days you can catch Henson playing Daredevil's sidekick Foggy Nelson on the popular Netflix series. Hunger Games fans will also recognize him as Pollux from the Mockingjay movies.

Vincent Larusso (Adam Banks)

As the "cake-eating" rich kid who was transferred from the Hawks to the Ducks, Adam Banks taught the team an important lesson in friendship. Since then, Larusso has appeared in a handful of projects, but he mostly stayed out of the spotlight and got a degree from the Boston University School of Management.

He calls his introduction as Banks in the movie his "finest three seconds of acting."

Matt Doherty (Averman)

The team funnyman was a popular character, and he returned for the sequels, but Doherty's career never really took off. You can see him in a handful of small roles throughout the '90s and the 2000s - including in Home Alone - and he still gets the occasional TV part.

Jane Plank (Tammy)

Tammy, the figure skater recruited by Coach Bombay, made a big impression on her teammates. According to her website Plank is still acting, singing and writing songs, but in the Minneapolis area instead of Hollywood.

J.B. Daniels (Peter)

The hotheaded Duck who led the team to walk out and forfeit a game, Daniels found some success as a voice actor but these days he's basically out of show business.

Garette Henson (Guy Germaine)

That's right, Garette and Elden are brothers. Guy is mostly remembered for dating Connie, and as one of the Ducks who returned for the sequel. Daniels had small roles on shows like Melrose Place, Cold Case and NCIS, but his most recent project was a short film that he wrote and directed.

Henson and his on-screen girlfriend Moreau in 2014.Mareguerite Henson / Instagram

Emilio Estevez (Coach Gordon Bombay)

While this Breakfast Club star was a member of the "Brat Pack" in the '80s, his career was slowing down by the time he appeared in The Mighty Ducks. He gradually transitioned from being an actor to a director, with movies like The War at Home, Bobby and The Way, which starred him and his father Martin Sheen.

Estevez and Sheen in 2012.The Times

In 2014, the surviving cast joined together at a reunion hosted by Marguerite Moreau (Connie), and they even recreated the iconic "Flying V."

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