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He's One Of Those Actors You Recognize But Can't Name, But Where Is Jonathan Hyde Now

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There are a lot of actors whose faces you recognize, but their names just won't stick in your head. They show up in all your favorite movies but still you just can never place them.

You may not immediately recognize the name Jonathan Hyde, but his face is one you couldn't possibly forget. Seriously, remember him?

Titanic Jonathon Hyde
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He's been in a bunch of your favorite movies including Jumanji, Titanic, and The Mummy, but it feels like it's been so long since he's been front and center.

But seriously, he's had a lot of huge roles that you may have forgotten.

He was Cadbury the Butler in 'Richie Rich'

Richie Rich
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Starring alongside Macaulay Culkin was kind of a big deal in the 90s, but Hyde was the real hero. He makes sure to watch over young Master Richie after his parents go missing, and he isn't ever one to tell him that they are never coming back. He keeps that hope alive.

He loves Richie like a son, and just wants him to be able to have a normal life even though he probably has enough money to buy the entire town he lives in.

Luckily the kids he pay to become friends with Richie actually end up liking him, and they go on a wild ride where Cadbury ends up in jail which I think we can all agree is an insane scene.

He lets loose a little bit by the end, and finds himself a lovely lady, which is absolutely adorable. He also helps save the day by preventing that big laser canon thing from shooting down his family.

I feel like Cadbury really doesn't get enough credit.

He was Dr. Allen Chamberlain in 'The Mummy'

The Mummy
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Brendan Frasier obviously steals the show in this 90s classic, but Dr. Chamberlain is pretty amazing as well. I mean, who else could pull off that fez hat and monocle combo?

Sure, he's not the main character, but honestly, no one else could fill his role.

He was Samuel Parrish / Van Pelt in 'Jumanji'

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He originally plays Sam Parrish, the father of Alan, the kid who becomes Robin Williams, and really doesn't seem to be all that nice to his son.

He wants to send his son to boarding school and Alan doesn't seem to be all that interested in that idea. Alan ends up playing the game but when he gets pulled inside, it turns out that his dad (or at least a guy who looks a lot like him) is a crazy hunter who is determined to kill him.

He plays the psychopath so well, and underneath that mustache you can hardly recognize him.

He was J. Bruce Ismay in 'Titanic'

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Playing one of the few historical characters for Titanic probably was very intimidating, but he does a good job.

He is, however, convinced that his ship is unsinkable, and spends the entire trip trying to defend his choices.

However, when disaster strikes, he jumps ship and leaves on one of life boats.

While he may have played a bit of a pompous jerk in this movie, the actor absolutely nailed it his performance.

He was Warren Westridge in 'Anaconda'

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He plays the visionary Warren Westridge in one of the most underrated movies of the 90s.

The crew is faced with an enormous anaconda and have to fight to survive. Unfortunately he doesn't make it, but he did his best and that's what matters. At least he could save Terri and Danny...

But where did he go after that?

While Hyde's acting career continued on, the projects he made weren't necessarily as famous as his work in the 90s.



He was in the TV adaptation of the book series Dinotopia for one season, where he played Mayor Waldo. The show was an interesting mix of real people with talking dinosaurs. It takes place on an island where dinosaurs managed to survive and live in harmony with humans.

It's an interesting premise, I'll give them that, but unfortunately it only lasted for 13 episodes.



This show follows MI-5, a division of military intelligence similar to James Bond's MI-6. Hyde played the character Ilya Gavrik for a 6 episode arc, but didn't stay on the show afterwards.

'The Strain'

The Strain

More recently, he's been in the show The Strain paying Eldritch Palmer aka The Master.

He was one of the main characters in the viral outbreak story that seems to have given New York some kind of vampiric disease.

The show was on for 4 seasons, and he appeared in all of them.



He's actually gone off-camera to do some voice acting as well. He plays Walt Strickler in Trollhunters, a Netflix cartoon.

His character was the lead character's teacher, but when his secret is discovered he becomes the enemy. He doesn't seem to want to be enemies though, so it's a little bit sad.

His theater work

Before he began acting in movies and TV, he was an accomplished theater actor. He's actually continued doing quite a lot of plays over the years, including classics like Julius Caesar, Peter Pan, and King Lear.

He has played many lead roles over the years, and while you may not see him all over the screen anymore, he's still around, keeping busy as ever!

Personally, I will always remember him as Van Pelt, mostly because it's too fun to yell out "blast!" at any given time. Which of his roles were your favorite?

Just like Jonathan Hyde, Warwick Davis has been in so many of your favorite movies without you ever knowing his name.

Those aren't the only faces you recognize but names you've forgotten. Check out your memory and see how many of these childhood favorites you remember.