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Josh Brolin Dressed Up As His Goonies Character And It Was Absolutely Amazing

Josh Brolin isn't afraid to revisit the past that's for sure. Recently he was attending an 80s themed birthday party with his wife and his costume was absolutely perfect in every way.

Brolin's first ever role was in a little movie called The Goonies. Maybe you've heard of it? Well, his character in that film is named Brand and he has a pretty iconic outfit.

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Look at that bandanna... That sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off... The fact that he is wearing shorts over sweatpants. There is just so much going on here, with that old fashioned exercise spring-machine as the cherry on top.

For the 80s party he was attending with his wife, he knew the needed a good costume. In his Instagram post he said that "I didn't know what to dress as (Henry Rollins? Boy George? A gremlin?)" Well, luckily for us his wife said "I got you covered" and we were gifted with Brolin fully outfitted in a Brand costume.

Obviously he has an amazing sense of humor and is willing to do whatever it takes to make people laugh, even if it is just his wife!

But what do the rest of The Goonies look like now? Click to the next page to see how the other kids look.

Sean Astin - Mikey

Goonies Wiki / IMDB

Jeff Cohen - Chunk

National Post / IMDB

Corey Feldman - Mouth

Cinema Blend / Taddlr

Kerri Green - Andy

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Martha Plimpton - Stef

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Jonathan Ke Quan - Data

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Can you believe it has been 32 years since The Goonies came out? Who was your favorite character growing up?

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