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Kirk Cameron Went From Teen Heartthrob To Controversial Minister, Here's Why Everyone Turned On Him

Kirk Cameron was one of the biggest stars of the 80s. He was on the cover of roughly 500 magazines a year and was the star of one of biggest TV shows on air, Growing Pains, which made everyone fall completely head over heels in love with him.

His fame helped him land a bunch of roles in movies, but they never became the huge hits that the studios hoped. In all honesty, several of his movies were actually total flops even though they starred one of the most popular actors around.


Cameron started acting when he was only 13, but it was his role as Mike Seaver in Growing Pains that solidified his star status. The show had a huge impact on his life, even introducing him to his future wife, Chelsea Noble.


Between his endorsement deals, his magazine shoots, and his hit TV show, the teen was making over $50,000 per week at the height of his career. But now, when you hear his name it doesn't bring back the same joyful memories.

Everyone seems to have changed their opinion about Kirk Cameron, and here are the main reasons.

Cameron may have been a huge star in the 80s, but now, his outspoken ways have gotten him in trouble with his former fans more often than not. The headlines surrounding the controversial star no longer talk about how dreamy he is, now they question his views.

A lot of the time, it seems to be his Evangelical Christian beliefs that lead to many of the controversies. Lately, he has been primarily working as a minister, but he still speaks out on a lot of things that are happening in the news, and often people get upset about his views.

In 2002, Cameron criticized Stephen Hawking because he didn't believe in Heaven. He told E! News, "Why should anyone believe Mr. Hawking's writings if he cannot provide evidence for his unscientific beliefs that out of nothing, everything came?"

He has also spoken out against gay marriage, telling Piers Morgan that it is "destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization." And even later when he tried to defend his views, he didn't actually change his opinion. He commented on his Facebook, "In some people's eyes, my responses were not sufficiently 'loving' toward those in the gay community. I can only say that it is my life's mission to love all people."


He's also been criticized for his comments after he said God was punishing people with hurricanes. “One thing we know about hurricanes and all weather is that this is not Mother Nature in a bad mood, this is a spectacular display of God’s immense power. When He puts His power on display, it’s never without reason. There’s a purpose. And we may not always understand what that purpose is, but we know it’s not random and we know that weather is sent to cause us to respond to God in humility, awe, and repentance.”

Over the years, he has continued to speak in ways that enrage his former fans, but he does still have a captive Evangelical Christian audience who hang on to his every word.

Were you surprised by how Kirk Cameron turned out?

Source - E! News