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Macaulay Culkin's New Look Has Landed Him A New Girlfriend

Macaulay Culkin seems to be coming back in a big way. For a few years everyone was getting a little bit worried about him, but now he seems to be doing just fine.

He recently was spotted looking a lot better than he had in a long time. He has been filming the new movie Changeland, directed by his friend Seth Green, which seems to have brought Culkin back out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

It's been a while since he was front and center in a movie. He's been spending a lot of his time doing voice over work for Robot Chicken and more recently played himself on The Jim Gaffigan Show.

Even though his career has been kind of quiet lately, the star is not immune to the paparazzi tracking him down. Since this new movie was been announced and they realized he had gone through a huge makeover, they have been watching him a lot closer. It seems as though they have noticed that he has found himself a new girlfriend!

But who's the lucky lady...

Now that Macaulay Culkin is once again the target of the media, people have been noticing more about his behavior. Most recently, they have been keeping an eye on who is spending time with. He's had some famous partners in the past, including Mila Kunis and Rachel Miner, but his new relationship actually started on set of his recent movie.

The Home Alone actor has been spotted around town with actress Brenda Song. They actually were seen together at the 'Knott's Scary Farm' event with his director and friend Seth Green! Culkin and Song were together with Green and his wife in what appeared to be a double date.

Knotts Berry Farm

The group went on rides together and sources say that "they were spotted holding hands and being cute with each other."

Knott's Berry Farm

Neither actor has commented on the relationship but rumors have been swirling since July. What do you think of this pairing?