Maggie Smith Has The Best Reactions To Every Situation

There is basically no human more amazing than Maggie Smith. She could run for queen of the planet and you know she would win. There is just something about her that is both calming, but also keeps you in line.

Maggie Smith, or Queen Maggie if you will, has just the best reactions to everything. I feel like she is the presence we all need in pretty much any situation possible. Observe:


1. When someone says something real sassy and you are super impressed.

2. When you remember you have cupcakes at home.

3. When you get home and someone ate all your cupcakes.

4. When you need a pep-talk to get over the whole cupcake incident.

5. When you need a little confidence

6. When you're supposed to be focusing on something but there is an animal nearby so that wins your attention instead.

7. When you have something mean to say but you know better than to say it, but you just have to let them know you have it ready.

8. When someone is being really ridiculous.

9. When everyone else is stressing you out and you just need a second.

10. When you need to pretend to be excited but you don't know what to say...

11. But you're really thinking:

12. When your friends are all getting married real young

13. When someone is right up in your face and you would like them to back right off.

14. When you are super proud of your snappy comebacks

15. When you get a little too excited and need to calm yourself.

16. When you have no idea what is going on.

17. When you need your friend to settle down.

18. When you have no patience for new things.

19. When you just have never been so disappointed in someone.

20. When someone asks you to do something you just have no interest in doing.

21. When someone asks if you want to share their snacks.

22. When someone tries to show you a video you have already seen a thousand times and are getting a little sarcastic about it.

23. When someone calls you "sweetie" and you have had enough.

24. When you are at one of those family dinners and they won't stop babbling about their latest family vacation you weren't invited on.

25. And most importantly, when anyone asks you if you are sure you want to do that.

Happy Birthday Maggie Smith! Thank you for your continued excellence!