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Two Of Your Favorite Detective Shows Are Officially Coming Back, But They Have Made Some Changes

After launching the career of everyone's favorite mustachioed star, Magnum P.I. has been announced as the next show to get a reboot, and it's not the only classic CBS show to come back. They have also revealed that Cagney & Lacey will be back as well.


Magnum P.I., starring Tom Selleck, was a great show about a private investigator living in Hawaii. There were a lot of floral shirts, a cool car, and beautiful sets. Cagney & Lacey was another super successful detective-style show, only they were police officers in New York City.


The two popular shows are set to be back for the 2018-2019 season, with their premieres currently scheduled for the fall. We've actually learned a fair bit about what we can expect from these reboots when they come back, and whether or not we will see their original stars.

Magnum P.I. Reboot


For the Magnum P.I. reboot, we will still have our Hawaii set, and we will still have Thomas Magnum. They've updated the show in that Magnum will be an ex-Navy SEAL who has returned from Afghanistan to Hawaii, and is using his investigatory skills to become a private investigator. He will be joined by Theodore "TC" Calvin, Orville "Rick" Wright, and former MI:6 agent Juliet Higgins. They plan to explore the complicated trauma that comes with returning home from combat, and how it impacts the cases he takes on.

The show will be written and produced by the same people who rebooted Hawaii Five-O, which was a really successful reboot that started a few years ago. Peter Lenkov will write the show along with Eric Guggenheim.

But can expect to see Selleck back in class red Ferrari? Rumor has it that while he has given the project his blessing, he is too busy filming Blue Bloods to sign back on.

Cagney & Lacey Reboot


The Cagney & Lacey reboot is getting a bit more of a change than Magnum P.I., including a new location. Instead of having the show set in New York, the procedural will be moved to Los Angeles.

It will still have the two detectives working together to keep the streets safe, with writer Bridget Carpenter (Westworld, Friday Night Lights) acting as a producer and writer.

Both of these shows were extremely successful in their time, and it's going to be interesting to see how they translate into 2018. Will you be tuning in, or are you over the reboots?

Source - Variety