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The First Full-Length Trailer For The 'Mary Poppins' Sequel Is Here And It's Magical

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Mary Poppins will be flying back into our lives soon with the new movie Mary Poppins Returns, and now we've got out first good look at what to expect.

The first full trailer has been released, and it's positively magical. Emily Blunt has stepped into the role as Mary Poppins, taking over from the absolutely perfect Julie Andrews, and from the look of the trailer, she seems very comfortable as the iconic nanny.

Mary Poppins Returns picks up many years after the original, with Mary coming back to help the Banks family once again.

It seems as though the children are cleaning out the house as they are about to lose it, and that's when Mary shows back up. It seems as the Michael's wife had recently passed away, and his sister Jane comes to help out.

Michael has forgotten all about imagination and playing, while Jane seems to remember how much fun they used to have as kids. But when Michael's young son meets Mary, a whole new adventure unfolds.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a lamplighter who seems to know Mary and join in on the adventures, and then a few other famous faces seem to be there too.

We see Meryl Streep in her very interesting costume as Mary's cousin Topsy.

We see Colin Firth looking fairly dapper in a suit as William Weatherall Wilkins.  

Julie Walters is there as well, whose character is named Ellen.

Angela Lansbury will be the Balloon Lady.

And none other than Dick Van Dyke is back, and will be playing Mr. Dawes Jr.

It looks as though we will be heading back into the fantasy cartoon land that Mary seems to be able to create, where everyone's clothes get a whole lot more colorful.

The whole thing looks pretty amazing, and hopefully it'll turn out as good as we all want it to.

Check out the trailer for yourself.

Source - Vulture / Indie Wire

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