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'Mighty Ducks' Star Arrested For Public Intoxication, But His Mugshot Has Everyone Speechless

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Mighty Ducks was one of the 90s sports movies that seemed to be about so much more than the sport itself. Sure they were playing hockey, but really they were teaching us about ourselves in a big way.

Shaun Weiss played Greg Goldberg in the movie, but even though the movie was a hit, that doesn't mean the rest of his life has been easy.

Just this weekend, Weiss was arrested in Northern California. At 12:47 a.m., Weiss was brought in by police along with three other individuals after "behaving erratically with flashlights," which led the officers to believe they were intoxicated.

Mighty Ducks Shaun Weiss
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They quickly determined that Weiss was under the influence of drugs, but did not know exactly which drug the actor was on. He was brought to jail for a few hours until he was sober, and was released without additional charges.

Lt. Chris Nicodemus of the Oroville police said that it was common procedure for public intoxication cases to proceed in this way, and that during his time in jail, Weiss was not combative, and instead was making officers laugh.

Shaun Weiss Mighty Ducks
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Even though Weiss got out without charges this time, it's not his first encounter with the police. Just last year Weiss actually was charged with misdemeanor meth possession.

On August 2nd, 2017, Weiss was found stumbling near the Warner Bros. studios lot, carrying the illegal drug.

That particular incident happened days after he was said to have stolen $150 worth of products from an electronics store. He was sentenced to 150 days in jail, but only served 12 due to overcrowding.

However, the thing that has really caught people's attention this time is the fact that his mugshot was basically unrecognizable.

Shaun Weiss mugshot
Oroville Police Department

In the photo taken by the Oroville Police Department, Weiss looks as though he has aged quite a bit since we saw him in 2008's Drillbit Taylor.

Shaun Weiss Drillbit Taylor
Shaun Weiss, 10 years ago in 'Drillbit Taylor'Paramount Pictures

While it has obviously been 10 years since that movie came out, he looks like he has been through a lot since then. The actor is only 38 years old, and people are worried about him.

People are having a hard time believing that the mugshot is actually him.

"WOW I thought those pictures of Shaun Weiss were a joke. I can’t believe that’s really him," one Twitter user said.

While another shared a picture of him from 2015 that really highlights the differences.

It says, "The fact Shaun Weiss looked like this in 2015 makes the latest news and that mugshot even more depressing."

So far, the actor has not made a comment about the arrest, but hopefully he can get some help so he doesn't continue down this path.

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