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Millions Are Seeking to Rejuvenate After Reliving Their Youth with Disney+

People of all ages are reliving their youth by watching classic favorites from their childhoods on Disney’s new subscription on-demand video streaming service, Disney+. And in their recollections of halcyon days and childhood movies, they’re finding that age and time are catching up with them. The greatest television network in history is not only dusting off old classics and family favorites, but the phenomenon is also inspiring viewers to turn back the clock - if not on their lives, at least on their bodies and relationships. Read on to learn how Botox treatments are more popular than ever, how new laser treatments can make you a princess again, how Disney-inspired cosmetics are all the rage, and how Disney+ can rejuvenate not only your television viewing but also your intimate relationships.

Disney in Your Cosmetics Bag!

For many out there who are finding classics from their childhood, a line of Disney inspired cosmetics is like a dream come true. It’s a whole new world with hot new products like Sleeping Beauty: The 1959 Collection from Bésame Cosmetics. Bésame is known for their inventive and high-quality cosmetics and makeup influenced by popular characters from Disney films, including Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, and others. Sleeping Beauty: The 1959 Collection is as stunning and timeless as the classic movie that inspired it. Some of the highlights of the line include lipsticks embossed with Princess Aurora, storybook themed eyeshadow palettes and cream rouge lockets, a bejeweled and engraved handheld mirror, a Briar Rose brush palette, and a translucent powder box.

While there are obviously no restrictions on who can use Disney-inspired cosmetics, these may not be for those of us who are only young at heart: but we can still share the joy of rejuvenation with the younger people in our lives by freshening up with treatments like Botox and laser varicose vein removal.

Botox Your Way Back in Time!

If you’re new to Botox, you may be surprised by how easy, quick, and effective it is at treating wrinkles. It has been a popular treatment for men and women taking extra care of their appearances for decades. Botox injections interfere with signals traveling between nerves and muscles, leaving the injected muscle unable to contract, which results in relaxed wrinkles and firmer, smoother skin. It is most commonly used to treat issues like crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown lines, and other recurring wrinkles and creases. Believe it or not, a Botox procedure takes only a few moments. It is injected subcutaneously (under the skin) into affected muscles and is minimally uncomfortable. Your aesthetic goals and schedule, as well as the procedure you select, will determine how many treatments you will need. The popular DualSculptin procedure may take one or two more treatments, but generally, one to two sessions are all it takes.

Disney Villain Makeup

Another cosmetics line that will bring you back to your youth is Funko’s Disney Villain makeup collection. Head-turning colors and bold designs abound in this line inspired by the most resonant and infamous Disney villainesses, from Maleficent to Ursula. Funko X’s Disney Villain Make line includes a Cruella de Vil Blush and Bronzer Palette, Maleficent Eyeshadow Palette, Ursula Highlighter Palette, Maleficent High Shine Lip Gloss, Evil Queen High Shine Lip Gloss, Ursula Eyeliner, Evil Queen Eyeshadow Palette, Evil Queen Bag and Brush Set, Ursula Cosmetic Bag and Brush Set, and so much more!

For those of us who want to go sleek and bold as a Disney villainess, but want something a little more permanent, there’s the new Sciton PROFILE laser treatment for varicose vein removal.

Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins

Sounds crazy, right? Using lasers to give your legs and other places a sleeker, younger look sounds like something out of the Disney+ science-fiction hit, “The Mandalorian.” But using laser treatments to eliminate varicose veins is as real as any other minimally invasive cosmetic enhancement. And it can be done in as few as 45 minutes.

Varicose veins are veins that swell and visibly bulge on legs, calves, and thighs. Varicose veins can be unsightly and can cause soreness, irritation, or discomfort, but are not generally a significant health issue.

A Sciton PROFILE® laser breaks down and eliminates varicose and spider veins noninvasively. The laser removal procedure uses the thermal impact from a precise beam of laser radiation to scar and close the vein, causing blood to reroute through nearby vessels instead. The varicose or spider veins shrink and fade, eventually disappearing.

Disney+ for Everything Else?

If Disney+ is inspiring you to get back to something other than your youth and a younger, bolder look, it may do to get those you love most but may have drifted from involved in enjoying Disney+ with you.

Arguing: It Can Happen to You!

Americans, on average, argue 19 times per month! That’s a lot when you consider a month only has about thirty days. While some of these arguments may be at work, with parents, with children, or with complete strangers online, most of them are very likely between spouses. If you find yourself arguing with your spouse more than enjoying their company, why not subscribe to Disney+ and relive your youth together with some unforgettable and regrettably forgotten Disney classics from their overflowing archive of movies. There are also loads of original series, as well as content from the partnered Apple+ streaming service.

The Greatest Television Network in History Is Finally Here!

Disney+ is a great opportunity to re-engage with a partner by reliving cherished film moments from your youths, to introduce your children to the classic storytelling of the golden age of Disney and cinema, to reconnect with your own youth and childhood, or just to find new favorites that will become classics for you and your family. More than anything, it is a great way to be inspired to make changes away from the screen, changes that will restore vitality and spirit, turn back the clock, and, as Disney would offer, “be our guest.”