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8 Movies That Deserve A Second Chance

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As the years go by, and ideas for movies and television are stretched to their maximum, we are seeing a number of movies that are being rebooted or remade. Some are far better than others (cough, cough, Spider-Man, Batman), but nine times out of ten, the remakes turn out to be a lot better than the originals. It is just a matter of the movies being ahead of their time, and they just didn't have the technology or resources to do them justice the first time around.

Some of them were great for their time, but could become something unimaginable if they are given a chance to be made in the modern era. These 8 movies would be utterly spectacular if given a second chance.

1. Reign of Fire - 2002

Christian Bale, Gerard Butler and Matthew McConaughey gave pretty solid performances in this 2002 movie about the end of the world being brought about by the accidental reintroduction of dragons into our world.

The concept was great, and the story was pretty damn cool as well, but there just simply weren't enough scenes actually involving the dragons themselves. The movie was pretty good, but it remains one of the more underrated films of the genre. Let's see a remake.

2. Night of the Living Dead - 1968  

The movie already had one remake that came out in 1990, but it wasn't all that great. In fact it was a little cheesy. With the way zombie movies and television shows have taken over the imaginations over the last decade, it is time to take it back to the very beginning.

The remake would have to be made in the similar style, with slow moving, slow witted zombies, bent on eating the brains out of your skull like a bowl of ice cream. We have seen zombie remakes succeed before, the remake of Dawn of the Dead actually did a fantastic job of honoring the original.

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3. Spawn - 1997

As it sits, the movie isn't completely terrible. Spawn was such a popular comic book character at the time, and let's be real, he was so much more of an anti-hero than Batman could ever dream of being. It was entertaining, but it just seemed clouded and jumped all over the place far too often.

The casting was pretty epic, but if they refined the story line, and used the more advanced movie making technology that is available today, a remake of Spawn could be truly spectacular.


4. Star Wars Prequel Trilogy - Late 90s and early 2000s

The minds behind the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy attempted to capture the magic that had been made by the original trilogy, but they really dropped the ball. Even the most die-hard of Star Wars fans shy away from ever watching the fourth, fifth and sixth movies in the series that has now promied to release movies on an almost yearly basis moving forward. Jar Jar Binks is likely one of the worst characters ever written in any movie, ever, so why not reboot these movies and give them a second chance?

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Keep reading to see what other movies would be amazing if they had a chance to be remade.

5. Catwoman - 2004

With virtually every superhero and even most super villains getting their own stand alone movies, why not attempt to remake this dumpster fire into something worth watching? A few Marvel and DC movies from this time period crashed out hard: Dare Devil, Electra, Spiderman 3, but none were more spectacularly terrible than Catwoman. She is a great character, and she deserves better.

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6. Waterworld - 1995

This was one of the most disastrous box office busts of all time. It cost a bloody fortune to make, and didn't even come close to making its money back. The story is actually pretty cool, a world covered in water with no land to be found anywhere. Though everyone has given up on the concept of ever finding dry land to live on again. There are rumors though, and pirates show up looking for a girl who allegedly has a map to the last remaining land on the planet, tattooed on her back. I would head to theaters to see a remake of this.


7. Honey I Shrunk The Kids - 1989

This was a fun series of movies, and they were quite popular in the late 80s and early 90s. This flick doesn't need a remake because it was bad, it's the exact opposite. It was such an iconic family movie from the time that it would be great to see it remade for the current generation of kids. And who knows, maybe Rick Moranis could come out of retirement and make a cameo appearance?

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8. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - 2003  

It is so unfortunate that this movie was such a major bust. I enjoy watching it strictly for its mindless entertainment value, but it was no merit apart from that. With a great cast, and being based off a cool comic book series, it should have been a box office smash. The movie was so bad that some people worry that the entire series would be tainted if they ever tried to make it again. Please, it's worth a shot. Think about what it could be apart from what it was.

What movies do you think should be remade? Let us know in the comments.