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The New 'Addams Family' Movie Revealed Their Cast And We're Dying To See It

Next year we are going to once again rejoin the Addams family in their spooky manor. A new movie is coming out in October 2019, and now we know who will be in it.

The Addams family have been a staple in movies and television since they first debuted as a comic in The New Yorker in 1938. They ended up being turned into a live-action TV show in the 60s, and then eventually movies were made.

Addams Family
Paramount Pictures

Over the years there have been lots of versions. We all remember the movies from the 90s, The Addams Family and Addams Family Values that ended up becoming critically acclaimed. Many of the actors in the movie including Anjelica Huston, Christina Ricci, Raul Julia, and Christopher Lloyd received nominations for a variety of awards including Golden Globes, and Hugo Awards.

An animated series followed, as well as another live-action series, but it has been a while since we've had any new options.

The Addams Family
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In 2010, it was announced that Illumination Entertainment (creators of Despicable Me) had gotten the rights and were in progress of making a new stop motion animated movie with Tim Burton as the writer and director, but in July 2013 it was cancelled.

However in October that same year, it was revealed that MGM has decided to make a different movie and instead of Tim Burton it will be written by Pamela Pettler.

They've finally announced the cast list of the movie and we are in for a real treat, because the new Addams family is full of big stars.

Gomez - Oscar Issac

Oscar Issac
Warner Bros.

Oscar Issac's star has been rising fast, especially since he's such a big part of the Star Wars universe now. He also was in X-Men Apocalypse, Ex Machina, and Inside Llewyn Davis.

He's going to be great at voicing Gomez, I have no doubt in my mind. His family is just as awesome as he is too.

Morticia - Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

The Oscar-winning actress honestly seems to do no wrong. Her role as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road is nothing short of iconic and I have no doubt that she will be able to bring the right attitude we want for Morticia.

Wednesday - Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz
Phil Mccarten/Invision/AP

She's managed to make a name for herself as a tough girl before in the Kick-Ass movies, so I feel like she's going to be pretty good at handling Wednesday's uniquely morbid outlook on life.

Pugsley - Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard

He has become quite the huge star since Stranger Things came out, and he's probably one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood right now.

Uncle Fester - Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll's comedic talents are going to fit great as Fester Addams. He's always the goofiest one, and Kroll even has some recent voice over experience to work off of thanks to his Netflix cartoon Big Mouth.

Grandmama - Bette Midler

Bette Middler

The one and only Bette Midler will be bringing Grandmama Addams to life and honestly that's amazing. It feels kind of close to Hocus Pocus, so I am so here for this.

Margaux Needler - Allison Janney

Allison Janney
Jordan Strauss/AP

Another Oscar-winner in the midst, Janney has obviously been an A-list star for years and years. She's playing a new character named Margaux Needler who will actually be the villain in the movie. She's done quite a bit of voice acting over the years, most recently in Finding Dory and Minions.

What will it look like?

The first picture of the Addams Family movie has been released and it looks like it's got a really unique style.

Addams Family

The only character in the reboot who is still left uncast is Lurch, but it's not like he often has a lot to say so maybe he'll just be the strong silent type...

I guess we'll have to wait a little bit longer for the first trailer to come out, but so far we're excited!

Will you be heading out to the theaters to check out this movie?

No matter how this movie ends up, I think we can all agree that the Addams family will always be one of the craziest families ever.  

Source - Bustle / IMDB