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New Standards Being Created by Technology in the 21st Century

With new types of technology being developed and the growing uses it has in everyone's daily lives, standards are constantly changing and being created. What we used to previously expect as standards have shifted, opening new options and flexibilities that would not be available otherwise. Technology has expanded significantly in the last decade, affecting everything from the way we work to the way we order food on a daily basis. Digital innovation has been a big part of that change, adjusting the way that advertisements are viewed and interpreted by viewers on their mobile devices and various platforms. Below are some of these new standards and what we can expect moving forward.

It's Changing How We Work

As the switch to remote working has continued to grow, almost 64 million United States employees had a minimum of part-time work that was remote from their home thanks to technological advancements. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak last year, this number was approximately half, but many employers jumped on the remote work wagon and offered their employees options to work from home and maintain employment during the continuing pandemic. With phone systems being modified to be flexible in different locations as well as portable, the ability to work from various locations became desired among employers. This allowed employees to maintain their work responsibilities and keep services going all while meeting the social distance requirements. Employees could be flexible with the hours that they work, increasing productivity and offering a new level of flexibility in some industries that were still accustomed to traditional work hours.

It's Changing How We Use Our Mobile Devices

Our smartphones and mobile devices are no longer just used for the average communication of phone calls and texts. With app stores available on these devices, users are able to shop for different apps or even download games. These apps and games allow users to make purchases, and the type of currency they use has been one of the more recent changes. The standards set have always been with traditional currency, but with Fortnite being one of the most popular games played across the United States and the impact it has on players of all ages, the need for various currency options changed. Fortnite decided to go outside the standards for these app stores and offer a new type of virtual currency to their players, which created a potential ban for them. Currently, the creator of the game has a lawsuit in place for both companies due to the ban of the game from app stores.

It's Changing How We Vacation

Deciding where and how to vacation has shifted significantly with the new standards in technology. For example, when vacationers head to Las Vegas for a couple of days of poker and other gambling fun, they are met with digital versions of their favorite games. With over 100 casinos in Las Vegas, there are digital games for blackjack, roulette, and poker, where they can play against the computer for hours on end, hoping to have better chances and odds of winning. Even ordering food and selecting times for different events while on vacation is done through a computer or even an app on your mobile device.

Moving Forward With New Standards

Thanks to digital innovations, the standards that were once set by technology are outdated and new standards are being created. Being able to log in and schedule events, order food, or work remotely from a different location is easier now than ever before. With the continued globalization of new technology and concepts, these new practices will continue to be created and set standards across the country, and then the globe.