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*NSYNC Played 'Never Have I Ever' And Confess One Of Them Hooked Up With A Spice Girl

*NSYNC was one the biggest boy bands in the world, and it feels like it has been an eternity since we last saw them perform.

Technically it has been 16 years since the iconic band went on their "hiatus," and just over 10 years since they officially confirmed that it wasn't temporary.

But even though they have been out of the public eye as a group, they have all been working on their solo careers and keeping busy.

After all of these years, the world has decided that even though they broke up a long time ago, it's time that we honored them with a star on the Walk of Fame.

And guess what that means? We get a bunch of interviews! Including some secrets about the stars we didn't know!

Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, and Chris Kirkpatrick all got together on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and she got them to play a game of Never Have I Ever. It revealed some interesting things, including which one of them hooked up with a Spice Girl!

Never Have I Ever Hooked Up With Someone Twice My Age

NSYNC on Ellen

It took the boys a couple minutes to do the math, especially Justin, Joey, and Chris, but eventually they figured out that 2/5 of the boys had relationships with someone who was twice their age.

Justin explained, "See, the thing is you have to go back and figure out how young you were."

Never Have I Ever Hooked Up With A Spice Girl


That's right, Justin Timberlake admitted it on television, he hooked up with a Spice Girl.

The guilty looking singer sat quietly and waited until everyone had answered. Even though Chris briefly had his sign saying that he had, after saying, "It wasn't me" Ellen realized it was Justin.

They breeze by it pretty quickly, which is fair, he's a married man and probably doesn't want to talk about his romantic past, but I am kind of curious as to which Spice Girl it is.

Never Have I Ever Hooked Up On A Tour Bus

NSYNC on Ellen

I don't think the poor boy band knew that every single question would expose their secrets quite like this, but they all answered with an honest yes.

Even though Justin looks guilty, it's JC who says "My mother is watching, so thank you for that."

Then Joey says "Hi Kloe, hi Briahna," which are the names of her two daughters. How awkward is that dinner table discussion going to be? "How was the taping honey?" "Oh... you'll see."

Never Have I Ever Forgotten The Lyrics On Stage

NSYNC on Ellen

It's happened to literally all of them and can you really blame them? There's so much to think about when you're performing!

First of all there are thousands of eyes on you, watching your every move. Second of all, you have a billion dance steps to remember because if you recall, *NSYNC goes all out. Then there's the lyrics, and every other thing you need to do just to survive like breathing... I don't know how they do it.

Never Have I Ever Hooked Up To An *NSYNC Song

NSYNC on Ellen

Lance has the best reaction to this one, when he just bursts into laughter and starts repeating "No, no" a whole bunch while shaking his head.

Fair response in my opinion.

Never Have I Ever Hooked Up With A Fan

NSYNC on Ellen

The boys had a lot of caveats with this question though, because everyone who says they have hooked up with a fan says that their partners are big fans.

Chris is the first one to point it out, saying "My wife's a fan?"

And Lance chimes in saying "My husband loves our music."

Even Justin says "Jessica [Biel, his wife] is a big fan."

When they realize that JC was the only one who said no, Chris turns to him as asks, "Did you say you had never?"

JC said "Correct."

But Chris isn't convinced. He turns back around shaking his head "Lies."

Never Have I Ever Joined The Mile High Club

NSYNC on Ellen

Justin tries to sneak an "I have never" by, but Ellen calls him out, saying that he's absolutely lying.

But Lance is really happy to show off his answer. "I'm proud of this one, yeah."

Never Have I Ever Dated Someone that Another Band Member Dated

NSYNC on Ellen

Lance's response is probably the best, because he just laughs and says "That's easy for me!"

But the other boys have a little bit more trouble. JC hasn't, but when Chris tries to say he hasn't, Joey flips his sign, and when Justin tries to say he hasn't, Chris flips his sign. To which Justin looks a little confused and said "Did I?"

Seems as though the boys weren't really sticking the the Bro Code at the time...

Never Have I Ever Spent The Night In The Woods

NSYNC on Ellen

As a cute little reference to Justin's latest solo album, the final question revealed that all the boys are the outdoorsy type.

Lance says, "I grew up in Mississippi, so yeah, that happens."  

Justin grabbed his CD from the table and says "Uhh, hello!"

While we didn't get the full on reunion performances that we want, at least we got to see the boys all back together!

If you are looking for more memories from the members of *NSYNC, Lance Bass shared a bunch of his favorite 90s memories and it'll bring you right back.

But Even Lance admitted that their fashion choices were questionable. There are some outfits they wore, these ones in particular, that'll make you wonder how you thought they looked so cool.

Justin Timberlake hasn't forgotten his very blonde and curly roots. Recently he put out a bunch of lullabies based on the *NSYNC songs and it's amazing.

Even though *NSYNC claimed they were better than the backstreet boys, we still love them. Congrats on the star!