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6 Things All Girls Who Were Obsessed With Horses Loved


If you were a horse lover when you were young, these were staple items in your childhood:

1. Heartland

Heartland books were the absolute best, and it was even better when they turned it into a show. It was good when it started, and it is good now. We all desperately wanted to live on a horse ranch in Virginia like Amy.  Also, for anyone who doesn't know, Heartland is on Netflix!

2. Seabiscuit

If this movie didn't make you want to go find Seabiscuit and make him your own, you're probably not a horse lover. This movie could also be watched 35 times and still make you cry every single time.

3. Barbie Horse Adventures

Playing this game and not stopping until your mom yelled at you or your hands started cramping.

4. Spirit

This movie is probably the best action movie you can find in cartoon from, and will always be a classic. This movie was the best because I find that all horses have a part of the same sassy personality as Spirit.

5. Anything with a horses face on it

Whether it was pencil cases, barbie accessories, or room decor; we could never get enough.

6. The Saddle Club

This show was probably the best because we lived through these girls and their adventures. I remember being insanely jealous that my stable wasn't that dramatic and exciting. If you're a real fan, you probably had a collection of all the books too, (and probably still do somewhere in an attic).