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'Party Of Five' Reboot Is Officially Happening, But It's Going To Be A Lot Different

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I can hear some of you groaning from here, but it's true, Party of Five is the next up to the reboot table.

The original show starred Neve Campbell, Lecey Chabert, Scott Wolf, Matthew Fox, as four of the five Salingers, but the youngest brother was recast three times as he aged. Jacob Smith was the last person to play Owen.

But according to the announcement from Freeform, the plot will be "a modern reimagining on the groundbreaking original series."

While the original series followed the story of the Salinger kids after their parents had died, the new version is going to take a different path that is very much grounded in the current political climate.

Party of Five

“Twenty-five years ago, we imagined a story about five kids navigating the world after the untimely death of their parents,” executive producers Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser said. "Today, stories of families being separated, children having to raise themselves in the wake of their parents’ deportations, don’t require any imagination; they are everywhere."

Lippman and Keyser assure that they aren't simply trying to remake it. “This new iteration of Party of Five isn’t a retread of the original; it’s a whole new look at kids trying to parent each other in the wake of circumstances beyond their control, yet learning a similar lesson: that families persist no matter how great the obstacles."