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People Are Claiming Casper Is the Ghost Of Richie Rich And We Cannot Unsee It

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When it comes to conspiracy theories about our childhood shows or cartoons, we all tend to get a little defensive. Personally, I find a lot of them to be way too crazy to even give the attention they demand.

But lately, one has started popping back up and it's honestly too good to ignore. It involves Casper the Friendly Ghost we all know and love, and his relationship to Richie Rich.

You might be thinking, how does a ghost comic from 1939 relate to a comic about a rich boy from 1953? Well, turns out people think they are the same person.

That's right. People think Casper is the ghost of Richie Rich.

Insane theory right? Well, maybe not so much. First of all, take a look at them. They have the same face shape, the same stout little body, and they are both seem to be around the same age.

Someone sent out a tweet earlier this week with pictures of the two characters side by side, and it's hard to deny their similarities.

It was posted by Charles Pulliam, with the comment, "Casper the Ghost is a cautionary tale about how Richie Rich's parents killed him for the insurance money."

So what's the truth? Does it matter? Not really. Either way, we're already sold on this idea. It doesn't matter because now I cant unsee it.

Their little hand gestures are even the same? Those cheeks, that big ol' head of his, and those rounded little feet, forget it!

Sure, there are arguments against it too. For example, both Casper and Richie appeared in a comic at one point together.

Okay.... That one's a little bit tricky, but also, maybe Richie is just really into astral projection and is able to separate his spirit from his body? Or, I mean, it is a comic and there are many examples of  alternate universes crossing each other so maybe that's what's going on!

But this theory isn't new, it's actually been suspected for years now, especially after an extremely popular show proposed the theory...

The Simpsons is often thought of as a strange oracle that can predict the future. We won't get into all of their successful predictions, but they've made some big ones.

One thing they did joke about many years ago was actually this Richie Rich/Casper connection.

Bart and Lisa were sitting in the back of the car, looking at the  comics and they pointed out how similar they looked.

Some people have some pretty deep views into the whole thing. Twitter user Brent Waggoner said, "I think of Casper as the spirit of capitalism and Richie Rich as his incarnation."

But Reddit user junova has a whole complicated theory involving a change of identiy and then abandoning his rich lifestyle which ultimately leads to his death.

"Growing up in the excesses of wealth Richie is a happy little boy until one day he travel s outside of Richville (Siddartha style) and is overcome by the despair of the poor. Curious as to what its like to be a normal boy Richie sneaks off to go sledding where he encounters other kids his age, who realizing who he is decide to rough him up and in turn accidentally fatally injure him. Richie dies cold and alone in the snow, contemplating what is most important about life and due to his unfinished business comes back as casper the friendly ghost (because everyone would've heard the story of poor little richie rich the innocent boy killed by jealous peers) ready to befriend those in need."

What do you think? Is Casper the ghost of Richie Rich, or do they just look alike as a coincidence?

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