8 Things Every '90s Girl Needs To Know About "The Powerpuff Girls"

If you grew up in the 90s you know that your Saturday mornings were dominated by your favorite breakfast cereal, PJs and of course, cartoons.

In 1998, The Powerpuff Girls debuted on our small screens and it rocked our socks off! Airing on the Cartoon Network, it maintained high ratings for its entire six seasons.

The three kindergarten-aged girls with superpowers captured our attention while they kicked some serious butt and defended their hometown.

Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup still have our attention decades later as they helped us learn to brush our teeth, overcome bedwetting and encouraged us to snuggle with our stuffed toys.

While you make think you remember everything there is to know about The Powerpuff Girls, it's clear they still have some surprises for us.

1. It had the highest rated debut in Cartoon Network history

The show premiered on the network on November 18, 1998. At the time it was the highest rated debut show in the network's history. Its success continued throughout its six year run, and also sparked tons of merchandise that we all used to get excited about.

The show was not only popular in the United States, but in Canada and the United Kingdom as well, which made it a global success.

It was notably a sad day in 2005 when the show aired for the final time.

2. It actually won awards

Nominated for various Primetime Emmy’s and Annie Awards, The Power Puff Girls stole the spotlight in the early 2000's. In total it was nominated for 18 awards and won four of them.

It was nominated for Favorite TV show, A Kids Choice Award, Best Animated Series and Best Voice Over Acting. It also took home awards for music, art direction, animation and individual achievement.

3. Their eyes were from paintings.

There's no question that the Powerpuff Girls's eyes were a focal point of the characters as they took up most of their head.

Margaret Keane was an American painter whose work was actually stolen by her husband. At one point she was working 16 hours a day while her husband took credit and sold her paintings as his own. As a result he became one of the most revered painters at the time, even thought it wasn't his own work.

Keane actually ended up leaving her husband and she even won a defamation suit in federal court against him.

4. There could have been a seventh season

Craig McCracken was asked by Cartoon Network for a seventh season, but he felt that six was enough. In order to prevent the series from becoming a cash cow, he left to work on another project- Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

The show began airing a year before The Powerpuff Girls ended and much like his previous project, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends was a huge success until it ended in 2009.

5. You only see the secretary's face once.

Throughout the entire series, the mayor's secretary only showed her face once. This was a big deal, because all we wanted was to catch a glimpse of Ms. Bellum’s face.

Many credit her to be the real mayor of Townsville, because she was the one who came up with many of the ideas that were implemented.

6. So much nostalgia

It's clear that 90s kids love nostalgia and that could be because our shows were filled with nods of pop culture from the past. The entire Powerpuff Girls series was riddled with references from the 80s and 90s, including The Beatles.

7. Each girl has a unique power

While each girl has a collection of powers they gained from Chemical X, they each have a power unique to them, in addition to being able to conjure tornadoes, teleport and creating inferno shields.

Bubbles also has the ability to speak more than one language and has supersonic waves with her voice.

Blossom's unique power is the ability to create ice breath.

Buttercup has the most unsatisfying power of the ability to roll her tongue, but she seems to be amused by the ability.

8. There was a fourth Powerpuff Girl

To ease the girls's workload, they created a fourth Powerpuff Girl to help them out. The girls sneak into the Professor's lab to try and make a new sister, but they don't get the formula right. After throwing the cops in jail and releasing all the criminals, the new creation explodes because her chemical make-up was so unstable.

Source: Screenrant