10 Reasons Why Xena Was The Warrior Princess We All Needed When We Were Growing Up

She was the fiercest warrior in the entire fantasy realm, sorry Hercules, but Xena was way better. Even though she was intended as a minor character on the Hercules: The Legendary Jouneys show, she managed to create enough buzz to earn her own spin off! MCA TVThere are a lot of interesting facts that people need to know about this show. It's honestly one of the best shows from our childhood and we should all appreciate it for what it was: An absolute gem! 1. Xena wasn't a planned spin, she just happened to be really popularMCA TVAs we mentioned


10 Facts You Didn't Know About The Movie That Absolutely Put A Spell On You

I think we can all agree that Hocus Pocus is one of the greatest Halloween movies ever. Sure, there are a bunch of spooky movies you could watch, but none will ever be able to hold a candle to this classic. It has remained a top pick by basically all 90s kids since it came out. So while we all pretend that the upcoming TV movie isn't happening, we should probably learn more about how this amazing movie was made. The producer of the movie came up with the idea for his daughtersBuena Vista PicturesIt was a bedtime story he


7 Things You Didn't Know About Garfield That'll Almost Make You Like Mondays

He hates Mondays, he loves lasagna, and he's an expert at sarcasm. It doesn't take a genius to know exactly who I am talking about. Garfield the cat is one of the most iconic characters in the world. He was popular when we were kids and still people love him to this day. But no matter how much you loved him as a kid, which personally was a lot, there's still a lot you may have missed. Reading a comic strip in the newspaper or even if you were dedicated enough to buy the books didn't always mean that you


10 Facts About Sam Elliott That'll Make Him Your Man Crush If He Wasn't Already

Sam Elliott is basically royalty in Hollywood. His voice is probably one of the top five voices that you wish would read all your favorite books, and honestly, no one rocks a mustache like he does. The 73-year-old actor has been acting for decades now, and he still has this amazing ability to command attention no matter how big or small his role is. Because he's had such a long career, we've had a lot of time to get to know him. He's opened up a lot over the years, sharing some of things that help make him who he


7 Secrets From The Set Of 'Willow' That'll Make You Love The Classic Even More

The first time we all watched Willow when we were kids, we suddenly realized just how amazing the fantasy genre could be.  It took us on a crazy adventure that we will never forget, but there's a lot that went on behind the scenes that we didn't know about. Willow became a classic, and people still love it to this day, but so much went into the making of it, that it deserves even more credit than it gets. 1. George Lucas wrote the movie for Warwick DavisLucasfilmLucas met Davis on the set of Return of the Jedi when


There's A Depressing Story In The Background Of 'Shrek' That We All Completely Missed

Shrek was one of those movies that took the world by storm and honestly never let it go. Somehow the ridiculous and wonderful digitally animated movie managed to become one of the most quotable and frequently referenced films from our childhood. DreamworksThe thing about the movie was that when we were kids, there was a lot of stuff that we happened to miss. A lot of jokes completely slipped past our little innocent brains, but if you try to watch it now you'll be a little bit surprised by what happened. But the one I want to discuss today is


7 Things About The Fifth Element That'll Make You Reach For Your Multipass

Very few movies manage to reach true cult classic status. There are movies like Empire Records, Pulp Fiction, and Rocky Horror Picture Show, but there are a lot more movies that get made that never achieve that unique status. The Fifth Element has a complicated history with the title of "cult classic," because while a lot of people consider it one of the best sci-fi movies ever, a lot of people claim it's the worst. Some people say it's "so bad it's good" while others just love it unironically. But there are a lot of things that went on behind