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Remembering Our School Dances And The Songs That Made Us Spin In Circles

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Grade school, and even to some extent high school dances had a tendency to get a little awkward at times. With boys and girls essentially standing on opposite ends of the room because they weren't sure how to approach the other side, it took a bit of work to get us dancing together.

Let's be real, few if any of us had any actual rhythm back then for dancing to faster paced songs, but we could all spin slowly in a circle. There were a number of songs from the 90s and early 2000s that really helped us get over our fear of the opposite sex, and we all know them, even if we don't remember who sang them or what the songs were called. Let's take a look at some of the songs from those days.

1. All My Life - K-Ci & JoJo

This is probably the one that comes to mind most often. When that soft and smooth piano melody would kick in, all of us would immediately start looking for a dance partner. A lot of us can even thank K-Ci & JoJo for helping us land our first kisses.

2. I'll Make Love To You - Boys II Men

While the sentiment of the song may have been a little innapropriate for our grade school dances, it was still a popular enough song that the DJs would get away with playing it for us. It was one of those moments that you tried to save for the girl or boy that you were "dating" (if awkward teenage romance can be called dating).  

3. Angel of Mine - Monica

Though most of those slow romantic songs of the time were sung by men, there were a few that when belted out by talented women also got the crowd slowly spinning on the spot. Monica's Angle of Mine was one such song. This usually ended up being a lady's choice song.

Are you enjoying the trip down memory lane so far? Keep going for more blasts from the past.

4. Maria Maria - Carlos Santana

This song blurred the lines between a slow jam and a faster paced song, but in the end it just meant that you had to get more creative with your rhythm. If you had any skills on the dance skills they definitly got to shine thought when moving to this Latin beat.

5. I Wanna Know - Joe

We can thank the late 90s for this slow jam. Joe had a simple name, but his music was far more complex than that. This was one of my favorites, and I always tried to find someone to dance with when this song started coming through the speakers.

6. You Make Me Wanna - Usher

This is another one that toes the line of being able to slow dance to, but it still got a ton of play at our grade school dances. It definitely got the crowd moving one way or the other.

What were the songs that gave you the courage to ask someone to dance? Let us know in the comments.