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Reptar Bars Are Back And They Are The "Superist" And The "Duperist" Versions Yet

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Everyone remembers watching Rugrats as a kid, right? It was only the best kids' show ever. Those "dumb babies" as Angelica Pickles would say were a lot more clever than they let on, and in their many adventures they inspired us kids to believe that we could do anything.

I mean, we don't have to question how or why a baby keeps a screwdriver in his diaper, because the logistics of where he got it or how he keeps it in there without hurting himself is beyond me, but that's not what matters here.

What does matter is that these babies displayed a lot of ingenuity and resourcefulness and in a weird way a lot of us looked up to them.

But there was one thing about that show that we all appreciated more than anything, and yes, I am talking about Reptar.

Reptar was this big Godzilla-style dinosaur monster who was the favorite character of basically everyone in the show. Chuckie, Tommy, Phil, Lil and all the other kids were obsessed with the big green guy, and just like us real kids, their love meant that they had to have everything with his face on it.

The first introduction of a Reptar bar in the show really caught all of our interests. Angelica's description is probably the only one that matters.

"A Reptar Bar is chocolate and nuts and caramel and green stuff and-and-and it’s swirled and stirred and rippled and beaten and sweetened until you can’t stop eatin’. The superist! The duperist! The double chocolate scooperist! The meanest. The best! It’s better than the rest! Reptar Bar! Reptar Bar! The candy bar supreme! The candy bar that turns your tongue green!"

A delicious looking chocolate bar with a gimmick that had kids' tongues turning green? Sign us up. We all wanted it more than anything but alas, it was all fictional.

That was until just recently when the online retailer FYE recreated the green-filled chocolate bars for us to eat!

But while those limited edition bars are long gone, our desire for colorful chocolate has not subsided. Fear not my nostalgic friends, because they've got you covered with brand new options that will once again make your cartoonish dreams come true!

They've got two new products to help you have your colorful chocolate fix, but this time you have some choices as to what color you want your tongue to be stained!

They've got a new type of original style of Reptar bars, but now instead of a green filling, the chocolate is stuffed full of blue icing.

They are called Reptar On Ice bars and you can buy a pack of five of them on the FYE website for $19.99. Kind of expensive for a chocolate bar, but if you want that nostalgic experience, I guess you've got to pay.

The other option is a large Reptar-shaped chocolate that's got the green frosting inside with the classic caramel and peanut crunch. It looks a lot more like the bars they ate on the show!

There are two different packaging options of the big chocolate Reptars, one with a Christmas tree, and the other with all the Rugrats kids playing in the snow.

Both are regularly $17.99, but are currently on sale for $14.99. So it's still a bit pricey, but if you spent your childhood watching these kids eating all of these amazing chocolates, it may be worth it for you!

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