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7 Reasons Why None Of Us Will Ever Forget The Glorious Pizza Hut Experience

Flickr - Mark Hillary

I don't know about you, but for me, Pizza Hut wasn't just a restaurant. Pizza Hut was a magical place that only existed when you got a straight-A report card or had a birthday.

There wasn't a location nearby to my town, so going to Pizza Hut was an event. But I think that even those who went more often still know all about the power of the Hut.

Going to Pizza Hut doesn't seem like it's as big of a deal anymore, if anything people tend to forget it exists. But those of us who know the truth and beauty of a good ol' Pizza Hut know what they're missing.

First of all, if you see this shape when you're out and about, you know it's pizza time.

I know some of them have closed down, and other companies try to move in, but once your roof is shaped like that, there really is no going back.

Second of all, there's the general look of a Pizza Hut that is basically always the same.

To be honest, this photo was taken more recently than the 90s, but that's because a lot of Pizza Huts have not updated their decor in the least.

But why would they? Classic red booth? Check! Checkerboard tables? Check! Those iconic brick walls? Check!

Everything you need to make sure you know that you're in a Pizza Hut are there.

If you lived closer, chances are you got take out sometimes. This is a sight that could brighten even the darkest day.

Or if you managed to make it out of dinner without your sibling eating all the pizza, you'd get to take home the leftovers in one of these bad boys. And it was a beautiful thing to have in the fridge.

Then you've got to remember all the pizza innovations!

Stuffed crust is still available now, and is always the proper choice, but I remember the ads for the 'Insider Pizza' and becoming absolutely obsessed. Never once did I actually get to try the amazing looking pizza stacked on another pizza, but I still think about it more often then I should. Hey Pizza Hut, can you bring this back please?

Custom hanging lights were the epitome of class.

Such an elegant lighting source. I love it.

Drinks just taste better when the cup looks like this. It's science.

I don't what it is about them, but something about these cups change the way a fountain soda tastes, and just makes it so much better than it has any right to taste.

The buffet was everything we could possibly want.

Depending on your location you may have a different layout of the lunch buffet, but in general, you had a bunch of pizza options, a salad bar, and hopefully an ice cream machine.

There was something for everyone, and was the perfect solution for when you could decide what kind of pizza you wanted!

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Pizza Huts are still located all over the place, we all just need to realize that their pizza tastes just as good as it ever has. Who else wants to go eat an entire pizza now? Because I know my mouth is watering...